March 29th, 2014

Understanding the Obssession?

Hey Cuppers,
I know if you are anything like me you love cups. I want every one, etc. :) I was thinking, Ok these why do I always want more? I have had these life changing little cups for almost one year, and they drastically have improved life. So, as I watch and read about another one, when I already have my goldilocks cups (Lunette small and Fleurcup large are my non leak, cannot feel them, true loves.) But as I tell myself I do not need to buy another, it hit me, I am worried that I will ever have to return to the dark ages of menstration. I live in the USA, and I must import my favorite one, I think I am spooked they won't let me buy them. It would not be the first time that has happened by the way; ie. around a year ago I could buy on Amazon uk, not now! I tried to get a femmecup last week and it said I was't allowed. I mean, that is new.
That is bad. I am ok with US brands, but that isn't enough. What if they did that? Rebellion,I hope! I think I want them all (almost) in case they take them away. Just a thought. I mean, I couldn't sleep a night before cups, It is an awful thought! Thinking out Loud. :) I have a tilted uters, it gives me bad cramps, and these make it better. I am so glad we live in a cup era- So, don't you all think USA should be entilted to Euro & worldwide brands? Ours aren't enough for everone. D- Happy cupping.

Sleeping Troubles, Round 2!

Hello everyone,
so I'm having the same problem on my last post! I have tried checking to make sure that the cervix is covered by the cup (it is), I have tried different folds (been sticking with 7 fold and punch down), I have run my finger around the outside of the cup and pushed the wall of my vagina to make sure there's suction (it makes a sucking sound, so I guess that's working), and I've even done kegels! I did not leak when my period started in the daytime, but it leaked a teeny bit during the night (2 separate drops, not bad).
Another post said that the user had a much too heavy flow and it was overfilling. Well, it barely went over the double lines at the very bottom last night. So light (wow). However, there was a lot of slobber after waking up in the middle of the night to pee (hehe) and then waking up too pee in the morning (gotta stay hydrated). Like, a lot of it on me, but none on the pad I was using.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? The only other thing is that the stem pokes out a little, but it hasn't irritated me at all.

I have the Diva Cup 1 and would hate to have to replace it (super broke college student, yay). Any ideas what is going on? I would love to master this thing during this cycle.


I have had an IUD for the past 5 years and am about to get it removed. I haven't had a period for the full time I have had my IUD (yay!) but since I am about to get it removed it will return (boo!). I would like to get some sort of menstrual cup to get ready for my period to return, but I live in Japan and I am having trouble finding one locally.

I have a low cervix and when I did have a period they were extremely heavy. I am also looking for an affordable option as most of what I am finding online that can be shipped in Japan is $50+ with most being over $100. Can anyone suggest a cup that can handle that that I could order online and have shipped to Japan?