March 22nd, 2014

First time user: A Si-Bell for Sports

Hello everyone!

I've been lurking on this comm for a couple of months now, and thanks to the wonderful people and informative posts on this community, I've finally managed to take the plunge and make the transition from pads to menstrual cups!

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So thank you all for your help and advice, and in hopes of giving back to the community I would just like to include a list of things I learned in my first cycle:

  1. Do your finger stretches in the area at least a few days before you put in cup in.
  2. Use lube on yourself, and not the cup, before inserting cup, unless you like escaping cups.
  3. It's more important to have a fold that allows you to keep a good grip on the cup than it is to have the smallest fold possible.
  4. It's more important to have a fold that is small at the point of entry than it is to have the smallest fold overall. A small point that tapers opens the entrance as you insert and makes the larger end of the fold easy to slip in.
  5. Open the cup lower down, right inside the entrance. It gets harder to open the deeper it is in (at least, if you have my kind of anatomy it is).
  6. Use lube on your 'hot-dog' finger first if you are removing using the 'hot-dog-in-a-bun' method. It makes it much easier.
  7. Use the index and middle fingers of your hand to scissor pinch the part of the cup right at the entrance when it is being removed by your other hand. This keeps the cup small and narrow and provides a backup grip should you lose your hold with your other hand, thus saving you from the cup popping open at the entrance (ow!)
  8. If you feel a bubbling sensation, that's your cup telling you: "Boss, I'm being overwhelmed! I need immediate EVAC now!" Listen to your cup, don't hesitate and head for the nearest bathroom for immediate extraction. (Unless you have a backup pad, then you have a bit more time).
  9. A used contact lense case (sterilised) makes for a very handy and discreet container to hold your lubricant and mild soap when the go. No one gives you funny looks when heading to the bathroom with a contact lense case in your hand.

I <3 my Si-Bell!

ps: I'm newish to LJ, so I hope I'm doing this right. I tried to following the rules, but if I missed anything, please let me know :)

I think I finally found the one - Fleurcup!

Hi, this is my first post. I thought it might be useful for anyone with a heavy flow or anyone who has been having leaking problems.

I've been using menstrual cups for 6 months and have had a few struggles. I was determined to find the right cup for me! I think my search is over and turns out it's the cheapest one I've bought - the Fleurcup!

As I'm in the UK I got a mooncup uk size A to start off with (I've just turned 31, no kids). At the time, I didn't know there were so many other cups available here in the UK. I persevered with this one but it kept leaking no matter what I did. To be fair the leaks weren't huge apart from when I used the smaller cups but I thought what's the point of wearing a cup if they leak. Especially when they're in properly apparently they shouldn't leak. If anyone asks I checked that I had all the cups inserted correctly when trying them out.

I have a very heavy flow and although most cups say they can cope with this, they didn't for me. Even if the cup wasn't full, the holes were getting blocked up quickly causing leaks (this is my guess). I often get really thick clots and the mooncup just couldn't handle that. I spent a long time researching whether I was doing something wrong or working out if cups just weren't meant for my type of period. I refused to back to tampons and pads are just yak to me.

I've gone through mooncup UK sizes A and B, Lunette 1 and 2 and I now have a Large Fleurcup.

This is my first cycle using the fleurcup and I love it! Yeah it's bigger than the others but it's actually the most comfortable out of the ones I own. I can't feel it at all. The large lunette was the best shape, it popped open so easy but it was just too stiff I got the worst pains from it pushing against me. I realised that I need a large capacity cup with the holes at the top, easy to pop open and softer than the large lunette.

On my heaviest day I could sometimes soak through a superplus tampon in an hour, usually it would be 3-4 hours.

My period likes to come and go as it pleases after the first couple of days so planning which tampon absorbency to use was a nightmare.

The capacity of the fleurcup means I can relax and not need to change as often. No leaks!!! I think the width of the cup is the key and my cervix can't escape down the side or anything. It has really good suction too.

The other cups I have are probably fine for the last few days of my period (excl large lunette due to the ouch factor) so hopefully all that money I spent experimenting hasn't gone down the drain.

If anyone would like me to review the other cups in comparison to the fleurcup let me know.

Sorry this post is so long!!


For those of you who are considering new cups:
RubyCup is running an Indiegogo campaign this month to raise money for cups for schoolgirls in Kenya.
One of the founders is even wearing a bunch of menstrual cups as a hat for the entire duration of the campaign...

Link to the campaign:

I don't need any more cups but this is looking mighty tempting...I love the work they do! :)

Edited to add: They also have an option to just donate a cup and other perks like shirts and bags, worth a look even if you've already found your Goldilocks :)

Cervical position

I'm a a bit of a newbie when it comes to cervical position. I've made some visuals to understand if I have this down or if I'm completely in the wrong. Here's a little album.

I think I have a downward-facing cervix? Are my interpretations right? Also... I've read and heard that the position of your cervix changes throughout your cycle. But does that only include "height"? As in low, medium or high cervix. Does the cervix ever tilt differently throughout your cycle? For example... Today my cervix is tilted downwards as in the third picture, can it tilt like number one another day in my cycle? If that holds true (I have no clue and I've tried googling), does your cervix ever tilt more to the left, the right or to the middle (straight)? I'm welcoming anecdotes and actual articles/forum discussions or something similar. Thanks!

If/when to trim stem?

How do you decide to trim a stem? I've heard of some who decided to right away but it ended up being a mistake. I still haven't gotten my yuuki cups and I started spotting yesterday (28 day cycle, a miracle for my unpredictableness, thank you parsley tea!) I never was able to find my cervix so yesterday I tried inserting a plastic spoon handle just to see how far it could go. At about 3 and a quarter inches it seemed to bottom out. But it also felt like whatever I was poking was kind of putting tension on my bowel(?). But the very tip of the spoon had some blood on it so I'm thinking I may have reach the end of the canal. In any case I have been using my made in china cup for the first few times and can only seem to get it in far enough that the stem sits at the entrance. Sitting or laying doesnt feel bad but bending over or anything like that causes me to feel the stem yo-yo up and down. The stem is helpful for removal as I can pinch it between my thumb and middle finger while using my index finger to collapse the cup, but at the same time if the cup is bottoming out like I think it is than I guess I wouldn't be risking pushing it out of reach during retrieval.. Thus the stem may not be nessisary? Sorry to be long winded, just looking for advice from the pros.


Ps. I've seen some people say their cervixes drop even further when their flow is heavier? Because I am still just spotting and having these issues.