March 18th, 2014

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Diva Cup pushing on bladder

Hello, I tried looking through the tags and I didn't see one for bladder. Maybe I just missed it. Anyway, yesterday was my first day with a Diva Cup. I am 32 and have never been pregnant, but I ended up buying the size 1 to start with. I don't mind moving up a size if I have to. Anyway, insertion seemed to go pretty well (it's a lot easier than the Nuvaring!). I was able to form a seal and no leakage. The only problem is that I feel a constant pressure on my bladder and some small bladder cramps from time to time. I actually had to take it out last night at bedtime because I couldn't sleep. Do you think this is a placement issue or the type of cup. I've read on here that there are softer cups. Maybe I need one of those?

Traveling through third-world countries?

I have a fantastic opportunity to take an indefinite trip traveling through Central and South America in just a few weeks. I'm really excited about it! I also really love my large Fleurcup and plan to take it with me. What I'm concerned about, however, is changing and rinsing it (and keeping my hands clean while doing so) in areas where the water is not safe to drink (which will likely be most places I am staying). It seems to me that this would pose a threat of infection, would it not? I'm guessing I will have to utilize my bottled drinking water for cleaning my cup, but I'd prefer to reserve that for drinking if possible, because I just know I'll waste a ton of it before I get a system down. Does anyone have any tips or tricks they could share with me for cup use in third-world countries?

Stem irritation.

Hi everyone.

Bit of background - 23 years old, live in England and use the mooncup size A. Though by rules I should use a size B I feel more comfortable with the larger one. Started a long distance relationship three months ago, had no sexual intercourse since and have used mooncuo for the last 7 months.

When I was in a relationship I had absolutely no problems. Since I've been in a LDR the stem of my mooncup irritates me. I cut it half way and it helped a little but I really don't want to cut it all the way. I actually bought a size B to use on my less heavier days and cut all the stem off so now it doesn't irritate me, but I find it incredibly hard to take it out.

And I'm also baffled as to why this only started irritating me when I stopped having sex.

Any help and suggestion appreciated!!

I cannot get it out - again

For the second time, my menstrual cup has drifted upwards, and I cannot get it out. I can feel it, but I can't get a grip on it to pull it out. The last time this happened, it was even further up, and I went to the gynecologist and had it removed. I could barely feel it that time. Because it's further down this time, I really feel I should be able to get it, but I can't. I have read tips from other posts on this site. I am relaxing. I took a hot shower. I squat in the shower, I bear down, it doesn't move at all. I cut the stem off because it was irritating me, which of course makes this more difficult. I'm probably going to end up going to the doctor tomorrow, and may give up on the cup all together - though I love it apart front this one issue. I figured it was worth reaching out to see if anyone had any advice. Any help you can offer is much appreciated!!

Oh, and in case this matters, I am 23, never been pregnant, and I have the size b (smaller) mooncup.