March 17th, 2014


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Hey guys. I've been lurking here on and off for quite a while (almost a year, I think!). I got a Skooncup (small) a while ago and this month I had the time and privacy to give it a try. Insertion was easy, removal was not. Details behind the cut because I am generally excessively verbose (sorry).

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tldr; the stem was really stretchy and almost useless until I could *almost* reach the bell of the cup. I had to bear down hard, for a long time, from a partly-reclined position to get the bottom of the cup enough to release the suction. After removal I was really dry inside and knew that reinserting the cup would hurt.

Suggestions? Tips?

- I seem to have a long vagina, I can't touch my cervix (I'm also heavy, so could it be that there is too much flesh externally to allow my fingers to get deep enough?). What am I missing when it comes to reaching the cup to pull it out?

- I noticed when I removed the cup that the holes all had stuff in them. Is that normal? I don't know if they were blocked per se, though i suppose they could be blocked "enough". What are the good ways to open those up?

- How do I deal with reinserting when I am, at that point, really dry? I don't really want to have to carry around lube (water doesn't seem to work).

Thanks guys, sorry for my verbosity.

Need a different cup

I've been using a large Meluna cup for the past 4 years, but it has always been hard to get it to open inside me. I don't want to spend forever in the bathroom trying to get it to unfold, so I think I should try a different size. Would it be better to go a size down or to try the harder/stiffer cup? I am worried about that being uncomfortable though.
Background: I am 32 and have never given birth. I've been told I have strong vaginal muscles, but I don't do kegels or anything.
Also: does anyone have a coupon code for Meluna?

New to this idea

I was sent to this page by a post a read on another online image forum. It sounded like a great idea!!! I am just beginning to work in a medical field (will be a real RN soon!), and I'm not sure when I will ever have time to change a tampon once I'm working (not many people even take bathroom breaks). The cup would be a dream come true!

Anyways, I've been reading around the page for a few weeks, but I am a little scared of my lack of knowledge (even after all my lurking/reading). I'm not sure even where to begin on buying a cup (26, non-virgin, no children... heavy flow for 2-3 days in the very beginning of my period). Also I am unsure about the leakage it seems like everyone has. Is it pretty common when you are first starting to use a cup??

I appreciate any and all help or advice that comes my way :)