March 12th, 2014

  • kp451

Femmycycle, anyone?

After months of my body adjusting to, and me learning the art of inserting the Diva Cup, I'm ready to move on.

It's really brilliant once you get the hang of it. I realized it was time for a change when I'd mastered insertion but was still left with all sorts of leakage after overnight usage. After 5-8 hours of sleep, I wake up all fine and dandy (and dry), until it's time to actually move my lower body and the seal loudly breaks, alerting me to the GUSH (sorry for the descriptive visual) that is soon to follow.

The Femmycycle really looks to be the spill-proof answer to my prayers. Anyone tried it?

46 year old looking to replace cup, need suggestions

This is my first post in the live journal community - I tried searching for this topic but was unable to find anything. I've been using menstrual cups over 10 years. Started with the keeper, then the Diva Cup and now I'm on the Lunette.

My periods started getting erratic and my Lunette doesn't seem to fit well and leaks a lot. I'm guessing I must be losing elasticity and needing a larger cup. Would love some suggestions, I'm amazed and confused by all the choices, when I started I think there were 1 or 2, ha ha.

Any help much I am soaking up my back up maxis and it's not fun :-(

Menstrual cups for stress urinary incontinence

Hi guys,

I am a longtime Diva cup user and love it. Learned a lot from this group when I first started. Now I finally have a question.

There is a fairly common problem for athletic women with squirts of pee during exertion. It's something that happens to CrossFitters while doing double-unders, and to high jumpers, and to powerlifters during squats and deadlifts. I've experienced this while squatting--my understanding is that the intraabdominal pressure rises so much during a heavy barbell squat that your pelvic floor muscles just have no chance. But I noticed that I do not have any problems with this while I have a cup in. I thought it was a fluke until I looked into the research on stress urinary incontinence and found out that apart from Kegels, the other solution is mechanical: a pessary inserted in the vagina applies pressure on the urethra and affects the position of the bladder. Some readings:

A pessary is nothing but a silicone ring, so a cup should work similarly--and it does indeed work that way for me. Cup in, no squirts.

Some women on a barbell forum have weighed in on my discovery (link: and reported that cups do not have this same effect on them--some say it doesn't make a difference, and others say it even makes things slightly worse. Since there are probably many more cup users here, can you comment? Do you ever experience stress urinary incontinence during strenuous exercise, and does the cup affect it in either direction?