March 6th, 2014

New Cup User with Problems: Please Help!

Due to this being an extremely long post, I've put an LJ cut on it (I think - I'm not familiar with LJ) and summarized my questions below the cut. For those of you who feel like you need more details, you have the option available to you (not to mention I didn't want those details to go to waste after typing them all!) :)

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  • 17 years old, virgin, no children, irregular cycle, very high cervix, Diva Cup, looking to buy another (extra) cup. Very little research done initially.

  • Problem with suction. Cannot get the cup to open fully when inserted, and when I get it opened before it's fully inserted, I tend to bend the cup and crush the seal in an attempt to push it upwards. The best luck I've had is using the stem to push it upwards so that I don't accidentally ruin the seal that's been created. Is this problem due to being the cup being too large, the way I fold it (c/u fold), the way its situated, angle, etc.? Or simply a learning curve?

  • Stem trimmed 1 notch. Having problems with discomfort caused by it rubbing against the vaginal walls and causing pain, particularly when walking. Want to trim all of it off (because I know I'd have no problems with removal) but am afraid I won't be able to insert it if I did so. Should I look for a cup with a different kind of grip (like the ball grip on some MeLunas)?

  • Due to severe arthritis in the hands, I need easy folds and (potentially) a way to make the cup easier to hold after being folded, rather than worrying about preventing it from coming undone due to a weak grip. Any folds that are particularly easy to do, or any cups that are easier to fold than others? Would a "softer" cup help in this area or only worsen things?

  • My cup doesn't leak at all, but I still experience discomfort for about 30 minutes (sometimes longer) after insertion. Is this from being inserted wrong, from the cup readjusting itself into a more comfortable position, or just my body getting used to having it in?

  • Does anyone have any recommendations on what my next brand of cup should be (cup MUST have measuring lines, preferably both mL and oz) based on the information above? Or would I be better off buying a second Diva Cup?

  • Does anyone have an accurate list of cups that have measuring lines and their units (mL, oz)?