March 4th, 2014


Removal Issues (New User w/ Diva Cup)

Hi everyone,
25 yo female, never given birth. I've been lurking around here forever. I finally decided to jump into the menstrual cup world following my decision to discontinue hormonal birth control. My periods without HBC are much heavier, and tampons are a nuisance.

I bought a Diva Cup in Size 1 yesterday. I'm currently having my period. My first insertion and removal yesterday were not too difficult. I didn't have any leaking other than what I assume was a bit of residual blood when I wiped after peeing.

This morning, not so great. I tried to remove it while squatting in the tub, but every time I reached for it, it felt like I pushed it further up there. I could barely reach the stem, let alone the base. The cup's stem was basically blocked by my pubic bone, making it very difficult to get at. After a few tries and a few breaks to calm myself down, I finally got it out. I'm having the same issues trying to remove it a few minutes ago, and decided to step away from it for a few hours.

I really don't want to give up on this, because I love everything about it besides the removal process. Is my cervix just super high? Will removal get easier over time? Is my vagina just a weird shape? I really don't want to have to send my SO up there after it with pliers...

Am I just not meant for cups?

After inserting my cup I can't manage to get a finger up to the top of the cup to check for suction.The first time I got my cup in it didn't open. The second time it did, but I couldn't check for suction and I bled a bit when taking it out. I did use lubricant.

Am I just not meant for menstrual cups? I really don't want to give up, but I don't want to leak either.

I'm 16 and a virgin if that helps at all. Any tips are greatly appreciated.


I've made it through my first cycle with RuMPs! I didn't leak at all on my first or third day with my cup, and I only had a tiny bit of leakage on my second day. My period was significantly shorter than usual this cycle (whether it's do to RuMPs or just cause I don't know). I definitely am a convert to cups! I want to start doing reviews and stuff on youtube and tumblr!

Cervix and suction issues

I am desperately trying to become a cup user. It's taken me several months and two different cups to even be able to have questions to ask.I have only been able to insert the cup twice: the first time I got so freaked out about having it in even though I've used tampons regularly, that I immediately took it out. The second time, a few days ago on my 1st day of my period, I got it in and made myself keep it in for an hour and a half before taking it out. Now whenever I put the cup in, the entire stem and the bottom of the cup sit outside of my vagina. The stem is even as low as a tampon string would be. I have tried kegaling it up and pushing it up farther but with no luck. I know that my cervix sits low throughout my cycle except when I'm ovulating. Even now on my 4th day of my period, my cervix is only about an inch high. Is there such a thing has having too low of a cervix for cups? By the way, I use a sckoon cup, size small. My first cup was a diva size 1 before I knew other cups existed. I was never able to insert that one. The only fold I've been able to insert with is the origami fold. I am also 27, no kids, not a virgin.

The other issue I'm having is with turning and suction. When I try to insert it and get it into place as best as I can, I try turning the cup to create the suction, but I can't get the cup to suction. As long as I turn the cup, it will keep spinning. I try to feel around to find a place where it hasn't popped open but I can't find one. I also have never heard the suction sound, but when I feel alongside the cup it feels like my cervix is in it and the cup doesn't feel unopened. The one time I was able to leave the cup in, I didn't have any leaking issues and the cup collected fluid.
I really want to be successful with this; especially considering the time and money I've put in to this! Not to mention that I am so ready to be done with tampons and pads!