February 27th, 2014

First time user/ Rainbow cup

So I learned about menstrual cups a few months ago and finally got up the nerve to give them a try. I bought a rainbow cup because I thought a softer cup would be a good thing and the lower price.

Well now I have the cup and have been using it for my first cycle. For the most part I'm happy with my purchase. Except I have so much difficulty getting the thing to open properly. I have tried multiple folds including the c fold, punch down fold, 7 fold, diamond fold, and half diamond fold. I have the most success with the c and diamond folds. But even when I get the rim to pop open it doesn't want to expand. I tried pulling down slightly, twisting it, and anti kegals and still can't seem to find the right thing to get it to expand most the time. When it does expand it seem to based more on luck. I try so many times and it eventually works right.

It leaks some as well. Which is probably because I have to struggle with it so much to get it fully opened up that I mess up the suction.

Is it simply because this cup is too soft that I'm having so much difficulty?

Also the tab irritated me a little so I trimmed it. Which seemed to make it more irritating so I cut it completely off... Well that was a mistake. The cup seems to migrate farther up as I wear it and now getting it back out takes some time and a good bit of work.

I have already ordered a yuuki large soft and classic that I found as a set on amazon for $25.50. So I guess if that's the problem I will soon find out.

Ordered a Lunette from Sckoon.com, Received a Sckoon Cup

I bought my first cup a week or two ago after reading some very helpful information on this site. I chose a Lunette because it seemed to be the best cup for me based on research & other reviews. But I ordered it from Sckoon.com because it was slightly cheaper there than on any other site I could find.

Unfortunately, when I received my package, they had sent me a Sckoon Cup instead of a Lunette by mistake. I called their customer service, who confirmed that I did in fact order the Lunette. Has anyone else had this experience? I am curious as the whether this is a common problem with this site. After all, they are affiliated with Sckoon, so I immediately wondered if maybe this mistake was really their way of simply selling more of their own cups, counting on me being too impatient and excited to return it. Which I am, basically - I am so excited to start using menstrual cups that I am tempted to go ahead and open the package without questioning which brand will work best for me.

But I'm a college student, and I certainly don't have the money to buy an extra cup. The reason I did so much research in the first place was that I cannot really afford to make a mistake in cup selection. So I am wondering whether I should exchange my Sckoon cup for the Lunette that I originally ordered, or if I should keep the one I got & Sckoon Cups a try. Like I said, it's my first cup, so maybe it doesn't really matter which cup I have? I just need some advice.

Well, that cup didn't work out! Now what one should I try?


I purchased a Diva Cup model 1 about 4 months ago, mainly because it was in the store by my house. I thought it would be a good fit for me because I have medium/sometimes heavy flow, 26, no kids, and what I thought was a high cervix.

I checked my cervix and it was higher, could barely feel it. I checked right when my period started, and it was an abnormal period for me when I checked early last fall. After struggling with insertion of the Diva Cup during my first period with the cup, I was thrilled when it finally opened. However, it started to feel uncomfortable and like it was going to fall out. I checked and it wasn't full, not even close. I decided to check my cervix...well, hello there! It sits lower than I thought. My cervix isn't super low, but I can feel a little past the 3rd knuckle on my middle finger, and a little lower on my heaviest day.

I've tried a couple of more times with the Diva, but it's just uncomfortable, almost like a chafing feeling or an irritation. I know that not every cup is a perfect fit for everyone. Any suggestions of cups I should try? I am hoping the second one I purchase will work for me!