February 22nd, 2014

  • move_nz

Mooncup - GladRags - Meluna - Diva?


I loved finding this page and find the info super useful. However, after hours of researching, I still have 2 questions when it comes to choosing my first cup: brand & size! At my location, I've seen that I can order GladRags, Meluna, Divacup or Mooncup for almost the same price. Any recommendation?

The next insecurity is the size. I like the detailed test that Meluna offers and would have an M there. However, I'm not sure if I should follow Diva's / Mooncups recommendation, because:
1. I am over 30 so should take the larger cup BUT
2. I have never given birth, I have a very well trained pelvic floor, and a very weak period.

Should I go with or against size recommendation? And can anyone recommend one of those brands over another?!

Thank you for your help!