February 20th, 2014

  • anjubea

More than one cup for a cycle?


I'm wondering how many of you out there have more than one cup to get you through a cycle. For example, one with smaller capacity for light days and a heftier one for your heavy days.

Any folks with kids that have luck with both size 1 and 2 without leaking? I've got the low cervix deal and it seems that I'm running out of options for going shorter without going narrower. I discovered the dangling cervix deal on the last day too, so I'm afraid that might complicate things.

I've tried Lunette Large and Sckoon Large. Lunette seems a bit long. I've had luck using it inside out, but sometimes it's hard to work with inside out. Sckoon length was good (after removing stem), but the pretty petal grips irritate me (and no luck getting it to open inside out). I need the capacity only for 2 days, but wouldn't mind something smaller for the other days. The medium mini meluna is appealing for that, but I'm afraid the grips could bother me - though it is a bit shorter so it might not rub. Otherwise it seems like a cup similar to Sckoon length with a smooth bottom (no grips/stem) might be what I need. Looking at the size charts, Iriscup looks like it could be good, but I'm not sure if I can get my hands on one. Large Si-bell is tempting too, but it's as long as the L Lunette - so I wonder if a small could work. Any suggestions? Any other options that might work that aren't on the size charts?

Anyone else have issues with sensitivity to the textures on the bottom?

I really want to use cups, but they have to be comfortable as well as functional...
  • pipsmum

Help appreciated with leaking Fleurcup!

Hi I posted a month ago re wanting to re-try cups - see this http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/3221081.html?view=35648089 (don't know if I've done it right - sorry!)

I'm having problems with the Fleurcup leaking. I take Warfarin which makes me bleed more and I think it's interacting with a new drug I've been put on which is making it worse so I'm losing a lot of blood. I don't know if I'm putting the cup in wrong as I keep getting some bright red blood come out when I go to change and when I bear down to push the cup down lots of blood comes out (sorry if TMI but also I'm also passing clots). Even before I change I leak some too and it's always bright red.

When I put the cup in I do it low, squeeze the base (I've cut the stem off) and bear down a bit and hear a sort of sucking noise but when I put my finger alongside it doesn't feel like it's expanded properly. My cervix is high again now and the cup rides up but I'm really not sure what's going on. Any tips for someone who should know better please?!!

ETA: Just had a shower about an hour after this post; did my bearing down and nothing came out at all, the cup was half full already so I'm hoping maybe it's just the fact my drugs are having an adverse affect. Popped my finger in to see where my cervix is and aimed the cup at the small of my back, squeezed the base and had a little wiggle so will see what happens!

Diva Cup Issue- Cup User Newbie

Hi Folks,

I hope I can get some advice. I have bought the Diva Cup- didn't do much on the way of cervix vs. cup stuff- until it's my period and the Diva Cup is horrid to my lady parts.

So I googled trouble shooting tips for the Diva and found this amazing community and now I need advice because after going through post after post I have about confused the crap out of myself.

So here are the deets:

I'm 27, 1 vaginal birth, have a very low sitting cervix. Flow is heavy first day and light the rest of the days. I love the cup- I have no issue with width or removal or insertation.


The diva cup is waaayy to long- I've cut off the stem and was still way too long. Flipped it inside out- and it was better except it won't stay put at this point and is annoying the hell outta me. I am clenching my pelvic muscles all day long and the minute I relax while it's inside out it's like a slip and slide in there. (Yes the cup is fully open).

So do you have any suggestions on which cup would be a better fit for me? I've seen Meluna and all sorts batted around and am weighing in for advice before trying to locate a purchasing site.

I appreciate it.
  • titelyd

Lower abdominal pain

I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue as I did.
I used the Diva cup for like 3 years and everything was fine until I got an UTI. Nothing bad, got treated. Then the month after, as I inserted my cup, I felt again the tingling of an UTI or some kind of very uncomfortable feeling in my lower abdomen, radiating through my lower back too. So I figure the cup and that uncomfortable feeling were related. I stop using the cup for a few months and all my periods were fine, without any issue. Then again I tried (I mean, I had spent 3 wonderful years with the Diva cup and it was amazing so I really wanted to get back on it) and I felt, again, that uncomfortable feeling. So I stopped using it for a whole year. After that, I thought I might give it a try and I planned on using it only one day out of my whole cycle and it was going fairly well until this last time where I went to a spa and then got the tingling kind of pressure on my lower abdomen. Of course, I figured it would be over since I only wore the cup a couple of hours - 6 hours? - but it lasted more than a week, almost two weeks and started being more intense...

I got medical advice, they couldn't pin-point exactly what I had and they've put me on prophylactic antibiotic and a few days later I was fine again (They ruled out UTI, diarrheae, vaginosis, STD).

I loved my cup, would still recommand it to my friends + family but I just wondered if anyone else had experienced such problem with the cups and what they did to solve the problem. I usually boil it before usage and wash it with Diva cup soap as well and never sleep with it considering the problem I had previously.