February 16th, 2014

First cup

Hi everyone i've been reading these posts for a while and decided to get some help.I'm a 14 year old virgin and looking for my fist cup.I'm trying to decide between the meluna soft or classic as I have heard of problems getting the soft to pop open.Also I need spme advide on how to pesuade my mum to agree, but I'm going to get one anyway.
Thanks! :)

College Help!

Hello community!

I'm 18 and I just started college. I used tampons, which were a major pain because I had to change them so often, buy so many and use heavy duty pads to accompany them. I could also never get them in properly without a bit of discomfort. I found out about the cups and this website which is AMAZING! However, since I'm in college I just need advice on managing the cup.
1. I share a bathroom with 5 guys and it's just a constant smelly mess. Also, I don't want to be cleaning my cup in the sink and they walk in. I also work, dance and move around a lot so recommendations on bulk disinfecting wipes/washes would be appreciated.
2. After my period, I'm not sure how I would boil the cup. Should I just heat water in a microwave and put the cup in a container of hot water, or is that not sufficient? My college doesn't allow for anything with a heating coil that isn't a microwave, and I've come across a few mini boilers.
3. I'm a virgin, no kids, my opening is quite small and I have a really heavy flow. I couldn't get my finger to measure, but I usually use the Tampax Radiant tampons and the length of those is fine. It's 12 grams and about 6.5cm long. I've looked at Lunette, DivaCup, MissCup and a few others but I'm scared that the size will be too big or just not hold enough. Where should I look?

Any advice/cleaning product recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

New XS size: Mialuna

On their FB page, they announced a new cup size. I think this makes the Chilean Mialuna the only silicone cup that comes in 4 sizes: XS, S, M, L and one of the few silicone cups that come in more than two sizes. I am very very very hopeful that the XS will be similar to the S mini Meluna in shape (fingers crossed).

I wrote to inquire about capacity, size, diameter and availability outside of Latin America. I think they do ship internationally, but their payment choices are unusual.

It's also bizarre that with some of the Latin American MC companies, you don't see any pictures of the cups at all anywhere on their sites, so I asked for pictures.

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Size help!

Ok guys,
I have been dying to check this out, but I am determined to get the right size/shape the first go around.
I have been leaning hard towards the large Fleurcup.
I guess I am simply searching for confirmation that this is a right choice.
I am a 17 year old virgin with a high cervix (I can hardly touch it) and a moderate to heavy flow. I want a soft cup but I am also an athlete and don't want to worry about leakage.

I'm a little worried about choosing large, I have read the sizing has more to do with capacity. Correct?

But I want large capacity coverage for my heavy days yet not have it too large that I am uncomfortable.
Make sense?

Anyone have any advice? Confirmation? Testimonies?

I would love to hear!