February 6th, 2014

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Woohoo! It's in

Sorry, I had to share because I'm so excited.  I've spent two days trying to get my lunette size one cup to open up once inserted.  I was using a C fold, but today I watched a youtube video about the punchfold and it popped right open.  I obviously was not understanding the different folds I was reading about until I saw it.  I was about to just quit for this month and was so disappointed, but it worked!

Now I can worry about getting it out, haha.  Thank y'all for being here to help!  It makes me feel better just seeing that there are other people trying it, using it, asking questions, and helping each other.  

new cup suggestions?

So far I really like my diva cup (size 1) for during my period (though a little bit more capacity would be nice). But I'm looking at using a cup when I'm not on my period because I have a really heavy discharge flow during the rest of the month and would love to ditch disposable pantyliners (cloth ones really don't appeal to me much though). I have the diva in right now for a test run but I'm looking for other possible cups for daily use. I'm pretty sure I have a very high cervix (I have to bear down in order to grip enough of the diva to get it unsealed and out) so I need a decently long cup (the diva 1 minus most of the stem is a good length, stems tend to irritate me down there but the rings are nice). What I'm looking for is something that pops open more easily when I'm not at the heaviest part of my period (otherwise it likes to suction itself into a pancake and usually refuses to open regardless of how much I coax it, I've never been able to turn it). Would a cup that's narrower, stiffer, or a combination of both help? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Naturcup - anyone care to share their impressions?

Does anyone have the Naturcup and would be able to post about their impressions?
I am interested in the size 0, and wonder how it compares to a soft mini Meluna (seems to come close in shape pictures I found) or to any other one you may have.

I have it in my cart, ready to click the button, but thought I'd ask here first!

Need a New Cup

So I've made some posts on here, but I've been AWOL for a couple of months.

So I need a new cup. The first one I had was the size 1 Diva Cup, but that one did not have enough capacity for my first two, maybe three days. I would have to change it every two hours. I also thought it might be too soft. Then I got the Meluna XL, which helped with the capacity issue, although I still have the occasional leak during those first days.

However during my first two days I'm constipated. Around two months ago I noticed that putting my cup in hurt way too much. It's a pain to walk, sit, or anything. Also my cervix seems to drop low, so it's also uncomfortable in that aspect. I resorted back to using pads then using my cup on the last half of my period. Needless to say I hate it. Wasted pads. Leaks and stains.

Since there's more cups in the market I wanted to see if anyone could recommend me a cup. I was thinking of buying a soft Meluna L for the beginning of my period, but I'm worried that's too soft. Then I was thinking of the Femmycycle because I heard it was soft but had a good capacity. Any other cups you guys would be a good fit for me?
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yoga with diva cups?

Has anyone else had issues with their diva cup while practicing yoga? I find that no matter how long it's been in, doing hip openers will cause leaking. Has anyone else experienced this, or is it just me?