February 3rd, 2014

Meluna: why there are no US co-ops or US seller discounts and news about new cups

I was toying with the idea of buying the gold Meluna, even though it's sport, and I may never be able to wear it (I have only used classic and soft ones so far), and was considering adding a few more cups to my cart. There used to be a way to get a 20% discont if you ordered 10, which I only found out after my last Meluna shopping spree (I think I bought 7 cups or so then). I called to to find out how to get that discount, and the owner of the company answered.

He told me that they can no longer give you a volume discount or ship to co-ops or resellers in the US, until they have been FDA approved. So, for those of you wondering what happened to the FB co-ops, here's why. It sounded like a long wielded process to get the approval, so I wouldn't hold my breath for a resolution any time soon. They can still ship to private retail customers in the US.
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I'm a first time user looking for support.

I'm a virgin and have a lady cup. I had no problem getting it in and it sits nicely I didn't even know it was there. I was a bit scared that I couldn't get it out so I tried to take it out straight away and had big problems. My first mistake was using lube it made it easy to get in and it sealed fine with it not sitting ridulously high even though I think I'm pretty long (I can only brush the cervix with the tip of my very long middle finger. But it was very slippery to get out.
I had a lot of problems with suction. I could only get just to the end of the base with a finger and thumb as my pubic bone was hard to get around. when I pinched itr it didn't loose suction.
I tried squishing it against the wall and I could feel the air leave but when I tried to get it out it just popped open and formed a new one. I tried to get to the top of it but I couldn't reach.
After 30 frustrating minutes I thought I'd have to go get a doctor to get it out. I'd tried all posistions, beared down relaxed everything.
So I just yanked and rocked at the tail until it came out which was pretty painfull and it was making me wish I'd used tampons where you can tug on the string and it comes out.
Has anyone got any advice on breaking suction? I'm going to make the holes larger and make a few extra to see if that helps. The pubic bone just gets in the way.

Soft cups and leaking

I am STILL trying to choose between cups (lol). I am leaning toward the si-bell, but I am hesitant, because I don't know if it will leak since it is a soft cup. Does it have enough suction? I am a runner, so I can't use a cup that will leak at all... My other option is the fleurcup, but I like that the si-bell is a nice, soft cup that has capacity.

Hello again!

I have posted to this community twice quite a few months back about my troubles with painful suction with the Keeper Mooncup. I ended up going for the Lunette instead, with some better results! (I received great advice regarding the small holes in the MC so I looked for a cup with bigger holes) Unfortunately, still when I insert it, all seems well and I feel confident until I move around for a little and "pop!" there is a pulling sensation. It is nowhere near as bad as the moocup's but it's not pleasant either. I think it must have to do with the way I'm inserting it... it seems to pop open well but I guess not... I use the punchdown fold and it feels like it springs right open. Maybe I need to wait longer to let it open. I then let air in to try to avoid suction, but it doesn't seem to help. I tried to do the c-fold because I thought I might have less trouble, but that fold is too big. Any folding recommendations?
I haven't used the cup in awhile because the last couple times I endured the annoyance since it was embarrassing to run right back into the bathroom after a couple minutes... and also I haven't had much time to experiment (due to getting my period right over Thanksgiving and then New Year's) Now I've gotten a new job and the cup would really help! It's probably a bad thing that I haven't used it in so long because now whenever I go to try again I chicken out :( I do think that once I get the hang of it, the Lunette will be good for me because it feels soft enough and I can also remove it with ease. (compared to the MC!) I understand there is a learning curve, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)