February 1st, 2014

Advice for a new cup user please!

Hello fellow cuppers!

I am new to this community, although I've been in the shadows for a little while. The supportive feel of your posts and comments overwhelms me! I am about to order my first cup- and wanted a little guidance from more experienced users. I have looked through many posts, but haven't found a direct answer to my question. Please forgive me if it has already been addressed before though.

[My Journey thus far] I'm 25, no kids, 5'4" medium build, sexually active and very comfortable with my body and its functions. I have always had very painful cramping for 2-3 days. ( pain medication sometimes dulls the pain but never removes it. And normally I avoid meds, so they are mo potent when I break down and use them.)About 4 mos ago I had some worse than normal cramps, so bad that I couldn't function for 2 days, even with a fairly high pain tolerance. So I started doing research on reducing period pain. And stumbled across RUMPs. I was immediately intrigued. With further research into the dangers of disposables, I decided to ditch them completely. I have not used tampons since, and have only used some disposable pads I had on hand.

At the time I could not afford buying a reusable cup, so I bought Instead Softcups. (The disposables, although I have been reusing them for the length of my period) I have used them with some success. I have mastered inserting them, and know that they are in the right position. However I still have leaks with any muscle movement. (Urination, bowel movements, or even just changing body positions sometimes.) This seems logical to me since the thin plastic bag offers almost no resistance to my muscles. But having gotten comfortable with them, they are STILL better than tampons or pads. I am hoping that a reusable cups will fix my leaking problems.

After having weighed out size and price options, I have settled on a cup from Meluna. However I cannot decide on the firmness. The website recommends classic if you are new to cups. But I have heard of many people experiencing trouble with that firmness. Particularly trouble urinating while it is inserted and trouble removing due to the heavy suction. I believe that the insteads I have been using have a fairly firm rim. I am not overly worried about removal, I know that there will be a learning curve, but removing the soft cups (which sit much higher up) was a breeze for me, and while I know it is a completely different experience I am confident I will get the hang of it. (Eventually (-; )

So many users like the soft Melunas that I am unsure if that would be the better option. I certainly don't want any leaks which I know depends on getting a good seal. Basically I just don't know which one would be better for someone starting out. What do you think? Also do any of you have a stem you particularly prefer from Meluna? I'm leaning toward the ball stem, but would love to hear feedback!

Lady cup or Cuplee

Hello, needing a little advice

Using Femmecup at the moment but id like something with a little more capacity and colours.

I'm very happy with the softness and general shape of Femmecup, I have also tried Fleurcup but found it too firm and grip rings irritated me.

Currently I'm thinking either a large Ladycup or large Cuplee but I'm not sure which would be best;
I've heard Ladycup is slippery, has this been too problematic for users here?
Would the softness of Cuplee's rim make popping open difficult compared to Femmecup?

Any advice is appreciated

Checking that your cervix is in the cup?

I've seen where some people have mentioned checking to see if your cervix is in the cup, I was just wondering how you do that? I mean I know you have to put your finger in next to the cup to check, but I cant get my finger in all the way up next to the rim of my cup, it's WAY too tight. I can just do either or(my finger or the cup) lol Could my problem with that be because I'm still a virgin?

Help in choosing a cup

I will start out saying I am a 28 year old young woman, never had a pregnancy.5 years ago I tried a menstrual cup. The only one available at the time near me was divacup. (I purchased a size small)I had a hard time with it aways getting stuck far up my vagina. Its very deep in there. I guess I have a very high cervix?

Anyhow, I was on reddit XX and they referred me here.

I have been browsing the site and have narrowed down my choices.(mostly according to length because I don't want to have trouble with removal.

Si-Bell S , Yukki 2, Love your body M, Lily cup S ( It would be fantastic so personalized hehehe)

Any help would be amazing (especially from high cervix women)

ps: I may have a tilted uterus (retroverted)

Thank you for your help in advance :)