January 28th, 2014

New cup decision.......

I'm looking to buy a cup that will not leak on me!! I now use a Lg. Fleur on my heavy days. I'll use a Lg Ladycup on other days, or not... The fleur leaks if I don't empty it every 1-2 hours on my heavy day(s). My cervix does tend to drop down & sit in my cups, so usually the cup is only half full at best. I have a femmy cycle but it was next to impossible for me to get in & I was extremely sore & it leaked!! I have a lg. diva that I'm not sure what the problem was but it ALWAYS LEAKED! That was my 1st cup and I learned a lot but never could stop it from leaking, even inside out, which is when I got the lg. ladycup. After which I got the lg. fleur wanting larger capacity & longer wear time (which still didn't happen :-/)

Now I'm considering a Naturalmama and LuvUrBody-med.

But is wider & longer better(LUB) OR narrower & longer better(NM)?? This is in relation to the lg. fleur....

Is LONGER better??
I'm open to suggestions :-)

Well, any help greatly appreciated!!