January 27th, 2014

Horizontal Urination!

I'm 32, no pregnancies. I've had my Lunette (size 2, bought for the capacity) for about 7 years and not really had a problem ever, until now. I've browsed the tag and haven't seen one with this particular problem.

Sometimes, unpredictably, when I'm wearing my cup (whether I'm on my period or I'm anticipating it), when I do a wee, it shoots out horizontally under the toilet seat and onto the floor! Luckily it's generally not hitting my clothes! The only way I can guarantee it won't happen (once it's happened, it's not a coincidence) is to lean back and take my feet off the floor which is a bit awkward.

It is literally like the rim of the cup is acting like sticking your finger in a tap to spray water at someone!

Has anyone else had this problem? My Lunette has seen better days aesthetically; but I'm now unsure if I should go for a new one (I'd like a Selene this tine. :)) if that would help; or go back to the charts and end up maybe buying a couple before I get my Goldilocks cup, buying a new one would be a financial ouch at the moment, let alone the latter.

I've Googled for the problem, separately from cups, and found it happening in people much older than me and generally going through the menopause. I don't have any symptoms like that.
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Diva Cup on eBay

I was looking for a Diva on eBay (and found one) when I ran into this size 2 cup. It LOOKS like a Diva Cup, but that box... :/

Here's a link for it: