January 16th, 2014

Diva Cup leaking issues.

Sorry if I mess up this post some how... my first time on livejournal! Been stalking this community for a while, and I thought I had my cup figured out. But this cycle has been so frustrating !

I own two cups both the small size (Diva and Sckoon). I'm 23 no children. The Diva was the first cup I bought and my first cycle I used to the whole time- no leaks, no issues at ALL. perfect. Not even residual slobber, never had to wear a panty-liner. Honestly, after using the INSTEAD softcups I found diva cup very easy. Towards the end of that cycle, I had a bit of difficulty getting the Diva to open inside me easily- it always opened but it took a bit of coaxing. That's what made me buy the Sckoon, I figured since it was smaller it would open easier, which turned out to be true. It opens a bit easier than my Diva - I think the smaller size, and the rim of the Sckoon is slightly firmer than the Diva.

The second cycle I used both the Diva and Sckoon no issues- Diva only leaked on my first day when I think it got over full, (when I took it out it was about 3/4 full) and probably was almost completely full before the leak. Other than that no leaking with either- and I started using the 7-fold for inserting both cups. (I had been using the punch-down and C-fold previously). I would insert either cup just until the rim was in the entrance of my vagina, then unfold the folded 7 with my thumb or forefinger- then it would fill with air and I would push it into place while it was open. That worked flawlessly for the rest of that cycle and I thought I had it figured out.

This cycle not so much. I started off using the Diva, and using 7-fold like I had been. The first day I had lots of residual slobber and would feel a gurgle or bubbling. In the evening the Diva cup leaked red. Upon removal I saw the cup was only half full, if that. So I emptied and reinserted and an hour and a half later another leak, again the cup only 1/4 full. The gurlging made me think I was not getting a good seal with the Diva, so I switched to the Sckoon for the night and didn't use the 7-fold. I used C-fold and made sure to squish all the air out of the bottom before inserting. No leaks over night, used the sckoon all day no leaks. In the evening I decided to switch back to the Diva to see if I could get it to work. Before doing so I cut the stem completely off so It could sit lower, (I thought maybe a better seal if it can sit lower, maybe dangling cervix? - although my cervix is higher so I think its unlikely). I also used the c-fold squishing all the air out.... I got about 5 hrs of leak free doing this! BUT - before bed I had some bubbling, and clear brown slobber, then a few minutes later red blood. AGAIN when I removed the cup only 1/4 or 1/2 full. So I switched back to the Sckoon, the only leaks I've ever had with the Sckoon is some brown/clear discharge- resembling residual slobber.

When I insert either cup, I always make sure they are open fully. I insert pointing towards my tailbone, and I keep my cups sitting fairly low and they don't tend to move around or ride up. Normally I also try and give them a little tug or a turn to make sure they are snug. I think my problem with the 7-fold was too much air being let inside and it didn't make a good seal, But I just can't understand why the Diva isn't working now that I've switched back to the c-fold....especially since my last two cycles were so successful.

Any input would be amazing, sorry for the novel.
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Want to give cups another go

Hi, I was on here a few years ago when I had a Mooncup. I didn't get on with this as it kept getting suctioned to my cervix - I rang the Mooncup help line and they told me to discontinue using them as they said my muscles were too tight and kept squidging the cup up there!! I am surprised as have had 2 kids and can't trampoline or run too fast without ..... enough said!!

I'm sick and tired of spending so much money on tampons which dry me out and leak and then cos I get dried out horrid pads hence me rethinking the cups. I'm wondering what cup would be a good one to try. I've had a look through and did wonder about the Fleurcup / Sckoon (sp?) but there's so much information my poor head is spinning!

As I said, I've had 2 children naturally, but I haven't told you I'm 46 and get pretty heavy periods.

Thanks in advance!