January 14th, 2014

Hey folks!

I'm looking for an already compiled list of FDA-approved Menstrual Cups. I found a list from 2010 that included the Keeper, Keeper Mooncup, and the Lunette. I know there have been more since then.. Looks like AngelCup, SckoonCup, MooncupUK, and Lilycup are FDA approved? I'm more than willing to create this list if there isn't one already.

Also anyone know more about this? I've definitely seen the FDA approved symbol on many products:
"Do the MCUK and the Mooncup have FDA Approval for sale in the USA?
Yes we do have FDA Clearance to market our menstrual cups in the USA however according to FDA rules we may not use this fact to promote our products. The FDA Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Volume 8 (21CFR807.96) states: Any representation that creates an impression of official approval of a device because of complying with the premarket notification regulations is misleading and constitutes misbranding. This is why we do not say that we have ’FDA Approval’ anywhere on our website."

Tweaking my Meluna cups

After discontinuing cups use after years of pelvic bother, I am now doing much better with Melina cups. I have a small and a small mini, both in soft with a ball stem, and am still deciding how I like them. I think I may be better off cutting the stem off the small, though I'll wait before deciding. The mini does seem a bit more comfortable, though I had leakage issues. Possibly it's just due to having such a tiny cup and being used to not having to change mg cup often (light bleeder). Possibly it's connected to those tiny holes and the difficulty in getting both cups to open up, despite folding them over the holes and running them under the cold tap first.

I've heard that some people get a mini hole punch and put in a couple of extra holes. Which size should I get? I could buy 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm.

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Please help, I just want to get this cup out already

Warning...it's kind of long. And gross.

I'm 21, virgin, somewhat small stature, and I'm using the meluna in medium, classic. I've tried to try all of the tricks I could find on getting it out, and nothing's worked so far. I don't know if it's some weird suction thing or I'm not doing it right or what. I had a lot of trouble getting it in, and I could never get it comfortable, although it didn't have that much trouble going further in. It only hurt a little, but apparently now it does not want to come out at all. I could get it to where it was reachable easily, but I could barely get a finger in to pinch it, much less a thumb too. So I took the internet advice and took a break.

After I calmed down, I managed to get my thumb in too after some rather painful stretching. Seriously, it hurts just touching around it now. When I tried to pull it, it would. Not. Budge.

So I took another break from the pain for a while, tried it again and the same thing happened. I tried really hard to get a finger up to the rim, thinking it might be a suction problem, but that was pretty much impossible. And also rather painful.

And now I've been alternating between trying to get this thing out of me and letting my poor vagina have a rest. I have tried so many positions, I've tried wiggling it, pulling from different angles, and when I do manage to make some progress it feels like something inside me is ripping or something. It is incredibly painful when I try to pull, and considering I have a rather high pain tolerance it's really freaking me out.

I've only had it in for about 9 hours, but I really really really want to get this out soon. PLEASE help me!

More buying decisions...

Lately, I have been reading dozens of posts on this WONDERFUL site, and recently, I posted two posts, which helped a lot (THANK YOU). I STILL don't know what to choose though due to the mixed opinions...
Ok so I think lunette is out of the question for a first cup (too stiff).
I want a soft cup, which is easy to insert AND remove. Since I am a 13 year old virgin, and my cervix is about 2 inches in, I am not sure what shape cup I want to use. I can stick one finger in just barely (only to check my cervix distance), so for insertion/removal, would a V shape or a U shape be best?
I have average/heavy flow, so something which could last overnight would be GREAT (though I don'n know if that's possible since I am getting small sizes). Do U shaped cups have more capacity? If so/if not, which cups are the most comfortable/ most appropriate for me.?
So far I am facing fleurcup, cuplee, and si-bell. All of them seem great... which one should I pick?