qcumber_melon (qcumber_melon) wrote in menstrual_cups,

What to do :S Do I have a yeast infection?

I just registered to ask a question about my situation. i looked through the posts of yeast infections and I think I might have it. I found out when i went to insert my cup because I got my period (and it's real heavy at the beginning which makes me change it every few hours) and when i took out my fingers, I found this clumpy cheese-like whitish pink substance on my fingers.
As you can see it's the holidays and doctors and stores aren't even open so I was wondering if anyone knew if I really have a yeast infection? And I am using my cup at the moment because I don't know what is going on. I was also itching a few weeks ago and i itched and kindof bled and it hurt...
I also have to go out today because my boyfriend insists that i go out with him to a friend's place for a gathering.
I've been using my cup for about half a year, It is THE GREATEST invention of all time.
Is this a yeast infection? What should I do? :S Please help :(
Tags: divacup, yeast infections

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