December 30th, 2013

Not sure why my cup fell out

When I first learned about cups, I loved the idea and got a Diva Cup (at the time, I didn't know there were so many options out there). I got a size 2 because I'm in my 30s and have one child (vaginal birth). I also have an average flow (I usually use regular tampons, sometimes needing a super on the first day).

At first, it seemed great. I never had a leak issue and thought I was inserting it correctly. The stem protruded a bit, so I turned it inside out, which helped, but after a month or two I had a really hard time keeping it in. Every time I sat down, especially in the bathroom, it would come either mostly or completely out. Sorry if this is TMI, but I finally had to give up on it when it fell in during an episode of a very upset stomach (which often happens when I have my period).

Also, my vagina got pretty tired after using it for a couple of days straight. Perhaps it was too wide?

A lot of threads on here suggest that the falling out is due to a short canal. However, I think mine is long (I can't reach my cervix). My cervix is tilted, though.

So, I'd really like to try another cup, but because I'm not sure what the problem was, I don't know what to look for in a new one. Any advice? Thanks!

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Which cup is right for me? Warning: Mildly graphic content!

On my first day, my cervix sits a bit low (is it?). I can barely brush it with my index finger if I try hard enough. On the rest of the days, I can't reach it at all with my middle finger. So I guess I need a long cup. I'm 13 years old, and still a virgin. Once, I snuck some Insteads in my house (my mom HATES the idea of cups, but the pads she gives me give me rashes, infections, and are very unreliable) and even though putting it in was a hassle, removal was even worse because it was very large in diameter. So I don't think I want a wide cup. I'm also a beginner so I don't want a cup with strong suction (I want bigger air holes, if any), I want it to have grip rings to make removal easy, and I don't want the cup too firm or too soft. Are there any cups that best match this description (or am I out of luck?)
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