December 20th, 2013

  • kkula

New user to Menstrual Cups, wrong size? Low cervix?

I'm 23, no kids, recently started using menstrual cups, also got a Paragard IUD recently. I have been using my small Lunette cup since July and didn't have any problems the first couple months, then I had my Paragard inserted. The first period with my IUD, I did not use my cup, but my first period wasn't that bad. My second period was extremely heavy, too heavy for a small cup, like it filled every 2 hours and because of this, I had to wake up throughout the night otherwise it would leak. I did some research on larger cups, wanted to try a different cup while I was at it, nothing against my Lunette, I love it, just wanted to try something new. I decided to go with the large Sckoon cup, only slightly larger than the small lunette, and smaller than a large lunette with the more capacity because of it's angled holes.

Small Lunette, capacity to holes 21 ml, length w/o stem 47 mm, diameter 41mm
Large Lunette, capacity to holes 26ml, length w/o stem 52 mm, diameter 46mm
Large Sckoon, capacity to holes 30ml, length w/o stem 50mm, diameter 45mm

So my problem, and I am not sure if it is because my cervix is just lower than usual or if I am somehow not putting it in right or its just too large for me, my cervix seems to sit in my cup and my cup is to the very end of my vagina, even the bottom I can touch without reaching into my vagina at all. I know my cervix is sitting in it because when I went to remove it last, the seal was difficult to break, so I reached in further to the rim to push it to release the seal, at this moment, when I pushed it, I realized my cervix was going inside my cup. I really do not think the 3mm would make enough of a difference, but any advice? Thoughts? Why is my cervix too low for my cup? Other cup suggestions? Period suggestions? Ugh...

menstrual cups are the best

Hey there,
I adore cups, I got my first July 2013, on Amazon I got a small mooncup usa, and a lunette small. I hated the mooncup at first, and loved the lunette, now I do like both, I will never go back. These are addicting, now I have a few Meluna, four two large, two small lunette, the mooncup, and I just ordered a Diva cup. So, I think they are awesome. I have dysmenorrah and these are really life changers, I'm anemic, and I thank God these are here..So, I like lunette best, but I like them all. :) That's me. Bridgette

Did Fleurcups change in 2013?

I bought a fleurcup (large) in late October 2012. I read some people online said that fleurcup is firmer than is sckoon cup. But fleurcup is sooooo soft, i can't get it to pop open when it's in me! I tried running it in cold water, spinning, pressing with finger to let air in. Is sckoon cup softer or is fleurcup? I need a cup that is soft enough to catch clots but firm enough to open. Also, I need high capacity. I've bought 3 cups already, and i haven't found my goldilocks cup yet. Lunette size 1 is best in terms of shape and squishyness, but it doesn't hold enough and the size 2 is wayyyyy too hard. Any suggestions for me?