December 16th, 2013


Love my new cup, but think I need a bigger one

A few months ago, after far too long trying to decode all the measurements and suggestions, I finally bought myself a menstrual cup, a sckooncup size small. Now I'm wishing I had bought one years ago when I first found out about them. I can only imagine the money I could have saved. The thing is that I was nervous for so long about the size, but when I finally got it I was surprised at how small it actually is. And I love it. I had a little trouble inserting until i found a fold that worked for me, and after the first cycle I am comfortable with both insertion and removal. However after using it for two cycles I've found that apparently, my cervix rides higher during the beginning of my period than I thought, since I have trouble reaching the bottom to get it out. Also my period has decided to change from being medium flow the first 2-3 days and light the rest of them, to being SUPER heavy the first 2-3 and medium to light for the rest. And when I say SUPER heavy, I mean having to change super tampons every 2-4 hours.

I know I need to get another cup to use on my heavier days, but not sure which one I should get. One thing that worries me about possibly getting a larger size is the fact that I'm still a virgin and am worried about insertion and removal if I get a bigger cup size. But I am not fully worried since I've read other posts from people who also use the larger size cups and are also virgins. I love how soft and squishy the material is and don't want to get anything that is too much firmer than the sckoon cup. So I was wondering if I should just buy a sckoon large to use for the first few days of my cycle or if anyone can recommend a different brand to but that is just as soft, longer, and would have a larger capacity than the sckoon small. Also I'm gonna be in Germany until between July-August of 2014, so if their is a good European brand that is just as soft as a sckoon that might be easier to get than a sckoon I would appreciate the suggestion.