November 27th, 2013

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  • opal581

cup use after childbirth

I love my cup (large Fleurcup) so much that when I was pregnant with my daughter, I could hardly wait to get back to using my cup. I used pads for lochia. Lucky me, despite breastfeeding, my periods came right back. I did notice that for the first couple of months I had to change where the fold was for insertion as some of the tissues at my entrance were still tender (I tore during delivery). Now, four months after her birth, I can easily insert and remove my cup again.
  • gn2mstf

Largest Capacity Softer Cups?

I have been using menstrual cups for a few months now and I currently own a Large Diva Cup, a NaturalMamma and the FemmyCycle (which I just bought this month). I am in my mid-30s, never had children, have an extremely high cervix and very heavy flow (I fill a large Diva/naturalmamma every 3 hours or so on my heaviest days) and I thought I would post my thoughts and if anyone else had any suggestions for a very high capacity cup given my experiences.

Of the three I currently own, I like the large Diva cup the least (my first cup, no longer used). It's much more difficult to put in (possibly firmer and wider?) than the NaturalMamma and much harder to remove. I have a really hard time reaching for the stem and grabbing hold. I have not had that kind of trouble at all with the NaturalMamma. I do really like the NaturalMamma except I do fill it rather quickly and therefore, I had leaks. This month, I tried the FemmyCycle which I think so far is my favorite. Much higher capacity, very soft, easy to put in and remove and much cleaner. No leaks and I don't get as much yuckiness on my fingers upon removal. The only question I have is how do you guys clean it at the end of the month? The material is very soft and I am afraid to boil it like the other two cups I've owned previously.

I was looking at the size chart and it seems like the Large Yuuki is the biggest. I'm only considering buying another one because I don't know how long the femmycycle will last given a much softer material. Since the Diva cup seemed firmer and wider, it really was difficult for me to insert and was wondering if you think I would run into the same issue with the Yuuki.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!