November 19th, 2013

First-time cup user...but where did my IUD strings go?!

Hi everyone,

I'm new here. This is my first period using a cup. I chose the Diva Cup because I figured it seemed the most popular and I had to start somewhere. I have had the paragard iud for 9 months now and did a lot of research regarding the use of a cup with it. I finally decided I felt comfortable with it.

I'm going to be upfront: this is really hard to figure out how to use properly. It's very frustrating. I understand there is a learning curve so I am going to keep on keeping on. I will post elsewhere about the difficulties I've had to maybe get some advice, but for now I will tell you the thing that is worrying me the most:

After three days of use (and what I think was proper attempted use), my iud strings are gone. I've felt them in the same place for 9 months and now there is nothing there. I'm certain I didn't pull it out as I've been very cautious. I'm guessing it must have travelled upwards. I have an appt with my dr to see what's going on this afternoon and will update with the verdict. But for now I'm worried and discouraged. I really wanted the cup to work for me! This is really unfortunate! :-(

Diva Cup

I searched all over for information but I couldn't find what I was looking for so I hope this helps someone out there. I'm 25, married and don't have any kids. I have a SUPER heavy flow, I would go through Ultra Absorbency tampons in 1-2 hours and my periods usually lasted 7 days, basically it was hell. I wanted to find a cup that would fit but that would hold enough to make my purchase worth while. I was almost set on the Lunette but had a special on Diva Cups and it even came with some Diva Wash for free.

Well, I've been using it for three months now and I really like it. The first month there was some messiness but my period only lasted 4 days (a record). My second period only lasted 5 and I'm currently on my third period since owning the Diva Cup. Today is day 4 but I almost didn't even use the cup today because there was hardly anything there when I got up this morning. On day 2 of my period this month (day 2 and 3 are my heaviest flows) I had to change it three times, twice during the day and then right before I went to bed. Yesterday, Day 3, I only changed it in the morning when I woke up and before I went to bed. Then like I said there was hardly anything there when I got up this morning.

Going in, it is really easy and I usually have zero problems, coming out ...well that has taken some getting used to and some new techniques. I definitely had to get more comfortable around my lady parts and get to know it better? (haha for lack of better words). I feel like I could use a softer cup and maybe that wouldn't be as difficult to remove as the Diva Cup? Another note, I read that the Diva cup is one of the longest ones on the market but it goes way up and outta sight so I would be hesitant to get something even shorter.

(sorry for any grammer/spelling mistakes I am just off today)

Working out the kinks...

This is my first cycle using a cup...ever. AF started on Saturday. Since then I had a lot of frustration, leaking, ruined underwear, and discomfort. Today is a much better day. My flow is heavy, but so far things are going smooth *knock on wood*

There are just two issues that are really frustrating still:

-From what I've read, the cup pretty much "lets you know" when it's full...the contents in the cup weigh it down, you feel it, then you run to the bathroom to empty. All day today, I would insert the cup, it wouldn't leak, but within an hour or two, I can feel it coming down to the opening of my vag. I would go to the bathroom, it would have a little blood collected (maybe just halfway if that). Why is it coming down so fast? Is this less of a heaviness-of-the-cup issue and more of a poor insertion/seal issue? My cervix is very low during my period. I can feel it immediately when I insert a finger. I don't know how much higher I can possibly insert it at this point. Right now, what's working best it inserting it halfway, letting it open up, then pushing it in more until it feels placed better, rotating it a couple times. Maybe this method it causing it to drop down? ***Also, I should mention that I HAD to turn the Divacup inside out. Even after trimming off the entire stem, it was WAY too uncomfortable that way. Now that it's inside out, I am feeling MUCH less irritation and chafing.

-Cramping. I am constantly feeling crampy. I don't usually get too bad cramps when I have my period, so that's why I'm guessing it's the placement of the cup. It has not been fun, these cramps.

Again, I know this learning curve is something we all must go through, I know I will get the hang of it, but I'm hoping you will all be able to help me get there faster! Thanks!