November 17th, 2013

Leaking and pain... Help!

I moved to the silicone cups (the Diva Cup) because I am, I think, allergic to everything else (all I know is they make me itch). So, I bought the cup in hopes that it would help. The itching has subsided, but the leaking is fierce and I have had pain. I'm constantly checking to see if I got the cup to open, but I'm afraid that is part of the problem with the leaking. Perhaps I am breaking the "seal"? Diva instructions say to turn the cup 360 degrees each way, but that sucker is hard to turn. I have noticed, as well, that it moves from side to side and slips in farther. Leaking typically occurs when I get up from a laying position. Sometimes it's when I stand up from a squat or sitting position. I'm pretty sure it isn't because of overflow, because the cup is only half, or less, full and I emptied it about every 4 or 5 hours. I need help. I REALLY want to stay with the cup for the reasons stated above, but I also can't have the leakage.

Need help with inserting mooncup!

Hi, so I bought a mooncup size B and I really want to use it.. I'm 18, virgin, had never inserted anything into my vagina prior to mooncup...
I tried fingering myself first to understand my anatomy, and I realised I couldn't even fit 2 fingers there. But I thought since something as large as a penis can fit in there a mooncup should be ok. I used the punch down fold and c fold but with no success. I tried the seven fold too but it popped out of my hands before I could do anything ><

I have been reading this place for tips and the thing is I think I couldn't even push the top into the vagina, like it's stuck at the entrance. I did pushed the skin away, sit with legs wide open, drop my jaws, breathe... But I couldn't insert it :( I used water and spit as lubricants (I honestly have no idea where to get lube in my area) and I'm on the heaviest days of my period, so there's plenty of lubrication. It's painful to try pushing it in, and I get a feeling I'm just pushing my cup against the part between my legs, not even into the vagina -.-

Can anyone help? I'm really out of ideas :(
No Doubt.
  • __scar

Can only insert when lying on my back?

I'm on my second cycle with my Meluna classic medium and after the first cycle I have sort of figured it out and all is going well. The only problem I'm having is that I can only get the cup to pop open when I insert it lying on my back. This is a bit of a problem as it means I'm having to go back and forth to my (shared) bathroom.

Does anyone have any tips as to how I can get it to pop open when I insert it in a sitting/squatting position? I've been using the 7 fold but it still takes some poking to pop it open even when I'm lying on my back.