November 15th, 2013

Cups and yeast infections

Soo I've taken to checking to see where my cervix is throughout my cycle but yesterday I noticed some unusual white stuff? Not a lot, if I hadn't been messing around up there I'd never have known because there's no itching or smell or anything like that. Can you get a yeast infection without the other symptoms and if that's what it is can a cup cause/contribute to it? I really don't want to have to go back to pads a week from now... sigh.

I need more room!

Hello I had been having problems with the juju I had being to long and collapsing all the time, well I went and got a me luna mini classic, and I love it, I love the stiffness, but I now have probs with capacity, with my cervix trying to get to the light, it just fills up so quick and I have to empty it a lot and at night. Has the medium got enough capacity to make a difference? I also had a thought is there a cup with a firm rim like the meluna but a really soft cup like as soft as a bag, (if you get my meaning) I was thinking that would maybe less likely to pop out??