October 31st, 2013

  • goonger

Meluna questions and just some questions in general

Hey! long time lurker, 25, basically not a virgin (5 years ago still counts right? haha), no kids, using meluna medium for the 3rd successful cycle.

On heaviest days I notice I have to sometimes empty the cup every other hour because I feel leakage/leakage did happen. but when I take it out, it's sometimes not even near max capacity under the holes. Am I doing it wrong, or sounds possible and not to worry (especially if it's only a couple days ish) I know, realistically sometimes you might have to empty it earlier than 12 hours... just wondering if that sounds alright. haha. on other days I could probably go longer (4-5 hours?) before inevitable maximum capacity!

other than that, I have been loving using a cup and not having to worry about TSS! I have noticed no irritation after cycle ends, and sorta getting the hang of using cloth pads as backup. :)

Happy Halloween too!


Hello everyone,

I've been a silent reader for about 2 month and I just discovered a "new" cup that I wanted to share with you.
It is the italian Lybera in a new package. Maybe it is meant for general sales, because the Lybera is only available in pharmacies.
I was looking at the woman with open arms on the website (that comes with the changing of the entrance pictures) and I just thought I must have seen her before and then I figured out where:
It is the same women on the Femmycycle package and website: http://femmycycle.com/about/
I wonder if they even know.

(please excuse my bad grammar, I'm from Germany)