October 28th, 2013

  • lsapdel

Meluna medium soft!

I posted about this in mc sales, but I though I would give it a go to post it here too (if this is totally against the rules I will remove) but I'm in the market for a medium soft meluna (newest version) cup preferably with a ball stem under 15$. If you have one, please let me know!!!! Thanks so
much! I wish that meluna would ship to the US right now!
  • 33evie

First time using Diva Cup

I was pretty excited to get the Diva Cup yesterday and managed to get it in with little trouble. I found it a bit uncomfortable but it was definitely working. When it was in it felt like a lot of pressure towards my low back. Is this normal? I figured its just going to take getting used to?

The more unpleasant part was getting it out! I had a terrible time!! I could barely grab the end of it and I was able to shift it back and forth but the suction was so strong that it took me an unbelievable amount of time to remove it. (when i put it in I tried to get it to sit lower but once it opened up it kind of got 'sucked in') so i don't know if it was too high but it was very hard to keep a hold on the end and pinch it and pull it out.

Now I'm so sore from trying to get it out that Ive decided to wait until my next cycle to try again. I'm feeling frustrated but am willing to stick with it. It sounds like it works so well for so many and I understand It will get easier. My first attempt to remove it was awful.

Where does your cup sit in your vagina?

When you all have your cups in, where in your vagina do they sit, like how close to the entrance? I ask cause mine is a Diva 1 and it sits one on two ways depending on where my cervix is on a particular day, 1. it sits with the stem poking out of my vagina wedged between my vaginal wall and urethral meatus area or 2. with the BASE wedged in that same area. I was just wondering how common that is or if my diva is just too long for me(which I suspect because of that and that it always/almost always leaks).