October 24th, 2013

Learning Curve Discouragement

Hi all! Thanks for having this wonderful community! It takes a bit of moxy for me to write here, but I'm glad I'm not alone.

So, I purchased a Diva Cup (size 1) last month. It was an investment for me (yes, $40 is an investment for me.) I'd heard all the rave reviews on cups and wanted to try one for myself after months of toying with the idea. I got it home eager to try it, and soon realized that there really IS a learning curve! Guess this would be the time to tell you that I'm 21, not a virgin but not sexually active, and quite...petite. I had too much trouble inserting it last month, and decided I'd try this month. Well, "this month" is here. I *can* insert it now (I'll explain the asterisks), but now I have two issues....the first being a trust issue. I think to myself, "wow, this is so cool, I'm actually DOING this! It works!" and then, as I'm ready to let go, (to put it simply) I chicken out. I think, "OK, do I reealllyyy want to GO THERE? Yikes!" and I pull it out, and feel quite discouraged. I have visions of it getting totally lost or stuck (even though my brain knows this isn't possible) and ending up in the ER or in a situation something akin to childbirth. By the way, I can find my cervix. I think it's average (index-finger-length in). But the reason, aside from fear, that I haven't left it in is I haven't been able to get it to pop open. I use the punch down - C-fold is too big. I wonder if it's because I'm so tight? What would I do about that?

I've managed to not panic, by the way - I know being calm is key.

Have any of you gone through this? These highs and lows and chickening out when you're soooo close? I want it to work, since I took the plunge and bought it, not to mention that pads feel so unhygienic to me, and I'm not a huge fan of tampons. Last month I threw away all of my...waste...into a paper bag, and I couldn't believe how much it was. I'm not necessarily an environmentalist, but if I can prevent all that garbage ending up in the landfill AND do my body a favor at the same time, I'd love it.

Thanks a million!

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Hi All,

I've been poking around the community for a couple days and have found a lot of helpful info, but not quite enough to make a final (initial?) decision.

Some background: I first got a Keeper (original/latex) several years ago (2005?). Nothing special went into the decision. I was under 30, no kids, and it was that or DivaCup at Whole Foods. Either way, I loved it. The length (never trimmed) and fit were good, capacity was just fine (there may have been a few times I had to empty it after 4-6 hrs, but usually 8-12 hrs was fine). After DS1 was born (2010, C-Section), I tried using it again but it was painful (post-partum dryness maybe? but it would mostly "catch" on my perineum). I think I may have had some minor and/or inconsistent leakage issues, but I attributed it to position problems associated with painful insertion (hard to say from memory, though). After a few months, I left it in too long and it developed an odor I couldn't get rid of, so I tossed it and used tampons until I got pregnant with DS2. Now after a 19 month hiatus, AF has returned after the (vbac) birth of DS2 (and after my 30th birthday), so I'm trying to pick a replacement.  Money is tight enough that I don't want to do a lot of experimenting, but given the trouble I had after DS1, I think I might be better off trying something new.

My questions:

I'm a runner now (in addition to chasing after my kids!), but I was relatively sedentary before. A couple threads seemed to indicate that stiffer is better for an active lifestyle.  Is that right?  I know the Keeper is the stiffest, so at what level does that become an issue (i.e. with the scale listed here, would anything down to 7.5 be stiff enough, or would I notice a difference even between a 10 and a 9?).

In terms of size, since I seemed to be tighter after my CS, and still seem relatively tight, should I try to stick close to the 41 mm of the smaller Keeper or was the pain I experienced after DS1 more likely an issue of something other than size?  If I switch brands, how close should I be (i.e. would I notice a 1 mm difference either way? 2 mm?).  Have any of you who used cups before and after kids/30 and found going up a size was no problem even if you didn't think you "needed" to?  How does squishiness affect how comfortable a particular size feels/seals?

Thanks in advance for the input!
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15% off ladycup code up for grabs! + asking for some advice!

When I ordered my ladycup, I got a 15% off code, so whoever messages me first can use it if you're going to buy a ladycup!

Now for my questions: I had a reasonably good time with my ladycup for my first cycle, I had zero insertion issues, but for removal I did have some problems. For one, it's pretty slippery, but a lot of that is the ladycup itself and the fact that when I start removing it, as soon as a start squeezing the base and trying to get it down, (tmi)  fluid starts coming down and gets on my fingers and the whole thing becomes a mess. What I have to do then is grab the rim with a finger and push the cup against one wall and drag it down a fair amount. When I get to the bottom, I can't take the rim out all at once or it hurts a ton. I've tried to tilt it so half the rim comes out first but that's still too much of the rim for me. I have to fold it again to take it out, and that's super tricky! It keeps popping open as I try to fold it. And by the time all is this is over and the cup is out, there's hardly any fluid left in the cup. Is this how removal usually goes? Is there any way that I can warm my body up to taking the rim out without folding it and not have it be painful? I think for a first cycle this wasn't too bad but I'd like to get better at it ASAP! Also, I'm considering a medium meluna for more capacity and the soft firmness because it would be easier to refold for removal. I've never had a problem with my ladycup popping open, do you think I'd have a problem with a soft medium meluna? Do you think that it would collapse inside me at any time whilst using it? That's my biggest fear! Thanks so much guys!