October 21st, 2013

I cannot find a cup. And/or fold.

I have tried a Jasmine (Diva knockoff?), small Lunette, large Fleur, and Cuplee.

The Jasmine is too long for my short days, and I can't flip the bugger out to shorten it. It doesn't retain its shape.

Small Lunette fills too easy; holes clog.

Large fleur is too round in the body, I can always feel it.

Cuplee has the best shape and comfort level, but no matter what fold I try, what I do differently... I can't get it to open and/or sit correctly. I'll think I have it in, and I leak. I have tried every fold possible, I even just spent 20 minutes trying to come up with new ways to fold it...double punchdown... double half s fold thingy... nothing works. When I get it inside, it refuses to unfold. I do the cold water trick, doesn't do anything, it still won't unfold. The only way I can get it to unfold is if I practically pull the whole thing out to get enough air into it at the bottom, and by then it's entirely open but I can't push it back in fully... I have to squish it again to try to get it back up, and obviously that doesn't work. I bought a cup so I wouldn't have to deal with this crap. It's been a year now and I'm just angry. Nothing works.

I think I'm too squeamish to try sponges and I really don't trust pads... cloth or disposable, I always leak. I honestly feel like at this point my 'best' option is to find enough birth control to make it so I have no AF. And I hate drugs, especially hormone drugs.

Would a firmer cup be easier to unfold? Do I need to try something firmer, like the Ruby cup, or Femmecup? Should I avoid soft Melunas since I have issues with folds?

Has anyone come up with their own folds?


Instead Softcups

Hello! It's my first time using this site, so forgive me if I do something wrong. :)

So I bought some instead softcups a while back, and never got around to using them because I could never insert them properly.

I've been using a divacup for some time now, and I have a hate-love relationship with it... It's so much better than pads, but I must have a heavy flow or whatever because I always end up leaking and it drives me crazy. I can't go more than a few hours before having to dump it out, and it's a huge hassle to change it while I'm not at home, which is most of the time. :(

I was thinking about trying out the softcups again... hoping for it to be somehow better than the diva... so I attempted to insert one, but the cup seemed to be really close to popping out of my vagina. It was almost poking out. I felt like if I laughed or sneezed or anything it would have create a disaster, and gave up again.

Is it just not the right size for me? I don't quite understand the hooking thing I'm supposed to do with it, either. Ahhhh. :(
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Quick insertion question

Hello! I have a quick question about insertion -- I'm sorry it is a stupid question, or if it sounds like I never read the instruction manual.
I am wondering, while inserting a cup, is it fine to let go of it (when it is not fully inserted) and then grab it again to push it higher inside (to reach the area where it is supposed to sit)?

I'm sorry if I sound confusing! I ask this because once (with my DivaCup) I accidentally let go when I was halfway into inserting it and I was met with ridiculous pain that felt like it was sucking my insides. I got very scared off after that (lol) and I chickened out last night trying to insert my Soft MeLuna because I thought that if I let go before it was "fully in", I would be met with a similar pain. It is also difficult to go to the "area" where the cup is supposed to sit around without wanting to let go halfway.

In short, I'm just wondering if it will be fine to let go of the cup during insertion halfway and grab it again to push it up to it's correct area without any kind of pain occurring when letting go for that short moment. Will the cup opening up too soon (assuming it does open right away) cause pain or any thing? Thank you! I'm sorry if I sound confusing. Thank you very much!


Hello. Im a 20 year old non-virgin girl. My periods arent particularly heavy or painful so i thought about buying a small Fleurcup.

This is my first time using a menstrual cup so i didn't know what to expect but i have heard very good things about it so i decided to give it a try and i've been using it for two days now. I had a bit of difficulty inserting the cup but now i can insert it with either the "push down" technique or the "U" technique, without particular discomfort. Removing it is a bit harder and i find it to be a bit painful, like if i am "numb" inside.
The problem is that even though When im sitting or standing i dont feel any pain or discomfort when i stand up/sit down/bend i feel pain and i dont understand the motive since i followed all the "rules" when i inserted the cup. It gets really annoying not to be able to move freely. I tried cutting the stem by half but it doesn't seem to have worked.

Does anyone know what i might have done wrong?

Sorry for my imperfect english and thanks in advance