October 17th, 2013

Do You Replace Cup After PID?

Hi everybody. I've tried to find the answer to my question to no avail. I recently was diagnosed with PID but haven't yet found out the cause. My doctor ran standard tests for all the typical offenders (BV, STDs, etc.) but all were negative. My question is that since the culprit was around long enough to make it up my IUD and into my uterus I have no idea how LONG I had the infection. I know that my last three or four periods...well, smelled different... I'm wondering if I should replace my diva cup since I used it for several months with the mystery infection. It's been in a sunny window for a few weeks to get rid of the smell but will this and boiling it be enough? I know it's medical grade silicone which isn't supposed to be able to harbor bacteria but PID seems kind of serious, especially since we don't even know the cause. I've had my cup for almost 2 years so I won't be heartbroken if I need to replace it. I'd rather be safe than reinfect myself! Does anyone have a similar experience? Suggestions?

new to cups!

So I am extremely interested in purchasing my first menstrual cup, and almost purchased a Diva Cup online today until I decided to do some more research. Although it seems like a good choice, I saw all of these things about sizing and it made me pretty confused. Now I don't even know what cups to look at!

I measured my cervix today, and I'm not on my period but I'm pretty sure it will be starting tomorrow. It seemed pretty long; my finger didn't seem to get anywhere near close to the end (although my fingers are kind of short). I'm sexually active and have always worn tampons so I don't really have a problem with sticking anything up there. My flow is usually moderately heavy during the first couple days of my period, and I can go through a super tampon in about 4 or 5 hours, but it does calm down around the third day and is pretty light. The main reason why I want to switch to a cup is I'm so tired of leakage (this happens to me mainly because I don't change my tampon enough), so I definitely don't want anything that's going to leak, and that's going to have a good capacity. I'm pretty petite, about 5'3", 100 lbs, but I'm not sure if that has much to do with anything.

The number of choices in cups is so overwhelming and I'm not sure what brands to even look at. I'm considering a small Diva, large Fleurcup, or large Lunette. These were just the first ones to pop out at me so there's no special reason I chose these ones.

Please help a newbie sister out!!