October 14th, 2013

  • lsapdel

Preparation for cups?

Hello! I posted recently about getting a cup, and I ordered one (the ladycup, hope it works out for me!) but I'm a virgin and I'm not that familiar with and haven't had too much close contact with my body down there. I realize this is an awkward question, but is there any way to prepare for cup usage before I just straight up go for it? I don't want to sit down one day and go for it one day and somehow get traumatized, is rather take it slow you know? And since I have about a month until my cup should arrive, I was just curious if there was some way to "practice" working with a cup. Did that make sense? I hope so! You guys are so helpful so I hope that I'm not making anyone uncomfortable I just need to ease myself into this!!
  • p0ppy1

Which cup?

Hi there,
I have been using my Mooncup UK (smaller size) happily for two years. Since I went on the pill for my heavy periods the cup seems to have been sitting really low and the base of it completely comes out on heavier days. It has become really uncomfortable and I am looking to get another cup. I assume I must need a shorter cup. I am happy with this cup otherwise. I was thinking a meluna, either mini or small. I am concerned that the mini has a really low capacity. Can anyone suggest or help with which cup I should buy?