October 11th, 2013

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Staining with Keeper Mooncup USA and nothing is working

So, first,the good news is this cup is now working perfectly. Trimming the stem solved my irritation problems and I can wear it for my entire period now! YAY!

Bad news is for some reason this month it got really stained. Like, super dark stains around the bottom and stem. I read through the tags, and tried soaking it for 4 days in white vinager and water, and sunning it, no luck. I can't boil it cuz it grosses my family out. Any sugestions? It looks icky and it's bugging me. But I don't want to replace it.

Still having issues with Keeper Moon Cup

I posted on here about two months ago because I was having trouble with the suction of my Keeper Moon Cup. Thank you to everyone who gave advice!
I followed the advice and got a hole puncher and widened the holes. I then used my cup again last month for almost a whole day and it was GREAT (I had to endure a long car ride) except that the whole time it still felt like it was pulling and made me feel slightly nauseous. It did actually relieve cramps, but I'm not sure a constant sickness is much better. So again I punched more holes in the thing, tried it again and I still can't shake the suction feeling. I can insert and remove no problem now. So I'm wondering if it has to do with how rigid the cup is. I am thinking of trying a Lunette (larger holes and a little softer) Is this a good idea?
Thanks again.
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Could the Diva Cup block flow out of the cervix?

I have been using a Diva Cup for about 4 cycles now and it has made my periods so much more tolerable and less messy.

This morning when I removed the cup it was empty (very unusual for day 3 but I was not terribly concerned). I washed it and reinserted.About an 60 to 90 minutes later, I removed it before getting into the shower and it was full. It seemed like what would have normally come out over night can out all at once. Since then I have checked it several times because I was worried about leaks but there has been a 'normal' amount of flow in it each time.

I have never had anything like this happen before. Is it possible that the Diva somehow blocked the flow all night and then when repositioned this morning it all came out?