October 4th, 2013

What's available in Canada and diva too long

Hello all,

I'm on my second cycle using the diva cup and I'm having a couple issues with it. It's size 2, as I'm 30 and have children. I flipped it inside out after trying it out the regular way because I had read prior to buying it that this shortens it, and it helped a ton, but not quite enough as I can still feel it at the vaginal entrance almost all the time and it's not comfortable. I push it in quite high, but it seems like it is immediately (like, within 2 seconds of pushing it up) pushed back down and almost out by my vagina. I would like to try a shorter cup, and also I think I would like one that is a little firmer as I sometimes have issues with getting it to pop open. I wanted to get a meluna, but the site says they can't ship to Canada right now (where I live). So what are my options? I'm not sure what cups are available in or can be shipped to Canada. It appears that the Lunette also cannot be shipped here.
I have also been having issues with leaking this cycle. Last cycle I only had to wear a panty liner as a back up on my heaviest 2 days, and the rest of the time I had a perfect seal, but this month I have been leaking the entire cycle so far. It is not because the cup is too full as it only has a bit in it before I empty. Any help and advice you ladies can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Meluna says they can't be shipped to Canada?

I think I've decided on a L Meluna soft (I seem to of worked out some kink that I had with my Diva cup, with having it not open and I now have no problems getting it to pop), but the Meluna.ca site says that due to needing another certificate to comply with Health Canada and the FDA, their cups cannot be shipped to Canada or the USA. But the femininewear.co.uk website doesn't say anything about not being able to ship it. So I'm wondering, if I order it will it arrive, or will there be any issues? Anyone in the US or Canada order one in the recent past and have it arrive safe and sound? I'm kind of between the Meluna and the Fleurcup, but I keep reading about how the Meluna soft is really comfortable so I think I might like to try that one... Decisions, decisions! Anyway, if there are going to be issues with Meluna, I'd prefer to just go with the fleurcup.