September 30th, 2013


Hey cuppers,
I've recently gotten a Meluna classic medium with ball stem. It arrived on the second day of my cycle and was my first time using a cup.
It took me a while to get it in and the c-fold is the only one that works for me, despite trying other, narrower folds. But despite being the only one I can get in, it still meets with a lot of resistance. At first, it turned out that I just wasn't holding all my "stuff" out of the way and although that helped, the edge of the cup will still drag on something and I have to push a little harder on that area. I ended up not using it for my full cycle or a full day because my inexperience in inserting and removal caused a tear along the bottom of my entrance, and also the extra cramps I believe it caused.
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hello everybody

Hello, I´m new here, I want to introduce myself.

I´m 36 Spanish woman, I have been used cup for 6 years.., more or less...
I´m so glad to participate here.

I hope you can understand my poor English, I´ll try to explain correctly, be patient with me...jeje

I have a blog where I write my experience with cups, now, I´m waiting for my new cup, femmycycle, it arrives in a few days.
my blog:

thanks for accept me.

Fleurcup EURO 5 off deal Sept 30 - Oct 2

I just received a somewhat cryptic email from Fleurcup, probably because I purchased one from them before: Enter code " -5 " for EURO 5 off of their 14.99 price.

Go to

ETA: I just bought another one as a back-up, cause I don't have enough cups as it is (insert ironic snort), and it worked.
Including shipping, it came up to $20 and change in US currency, or 14,99 in EUROS.

hi everyone :)

Just a friendly check-in to get a few things off the plate.

First of all, we've noticed there are quite a few new community members who are new to lj as well. Welcome to our new cuppers, and we hope you're happy here! We do ask that everyone review the community rules, though. (Maybe old members as well :) The rules are almost entirely about making sure the community is open, accessible, and welcoming to everyone, and we really appreciate your help with them.

Second of all, where to put things. Are you new to the community and want to say a bit about yourself? Welcome! We have an introduction post right here. Have you got suggestions, comments, or concerns? Are we missing a tag? (I swear, we do get to these!) Do you have a design feature suggestion? Is something just bugging you? Please tell us about it here! Feel free to comment anonymously if you don't want your name attached. Do you have a cup to sell or trade, are you looking for a cup, or are you a cup merchant advertising your shop? mc_sales is where it's at!

Third of all, I'm going to restart the weekly news feature (sticky-post thing) within a few weeks, as soon as the dust settles from finishing my Big Life Project. I'm thinking it would be more effective as a community-driven exercise, though. If you have suggestions for a featured post or a snippet of cup gossip or news, feel free to message me or leave a note at our open post.

That's utterly everything I've got on my mind! Thanks for reading, and for being generally so awesome.