September 29th, 2013

Lunette issues, cup comes out when I pee, etc...

I adore my lunette (size 2). I discoved mentrual cups 3 months ago and will never go back! I decided to purchase the lunette and as soon as I got the guts to chop off the stem, it's been an amazing experence.

The issues is, when I pee (or etc...) the cup starts to come out, maybe about a quarter of the way. It goes back in mostly, but it's really weird. Sometimes it will just pop out if I keep bearing down, I don't even need to really squeeze to break any suction.

I'm not physically bothered, but it's kind of annoying. Do I need a softer cup?

Thanks for your thoughts. I'm sure thie issue is posted somewhere, but I can't find it. thank you!!!! -Ro

Rainbowcup brand and soft-cup suggestions

Hi, all! I haven't been on this comm in a while because I haven't had the opportunity to use a cup, but I'd like your input on something. Has anyone used the Rainbowcup before or are they familiar with it? They're listed on Amazon with a handful of good reviews, but I've never heard the name around before and haven't seen a tag for it here. It looks like they're silicone with a two-size system (size 1 for those under-25/haven't given birth and 2 for those over 25 or who have) and some colors, nothing super novel.

As a sort of second question -- my last cup was a DivaCup in the smaller size; does anybody have a suggestion for a cup that size that's significantly softer? Colors a plus. I remember a spreadsheet contrasting different softnesses/sizes from a while ago but can't find it!

learning curve or wrong cup for me?

Hello! This is my first post here. I've been *trolling* for about a year. Okay, so I have been using the Keeper moon cup size A for a while now. I love everything about it, except, on my 2 heavy days I have to wear a pad and change it every hour when I have enough time to do so at work. So I bought the firm and soft yuuki because of the capacity. Problem, I got the firm to seal one time. The soft yuuki, I don't know what's going on with that, it doesn't ever feel like it seals. The firm yuuki, it sits fine, but all the flow goes into the pad and literally 1 drop in the cup. It's frustrating. Any advice? Suggestions? I have tried several different body positions to insert. Squatting in the shower next to the toilet, relaxing, flexing. I'm really only familiar with the c-fold, and the 7-fold. At my job I have to rush in the bathroom, unless I'm on my lunch break. If I can't get the yuukis to work look for them in mc sales with in a few months.. Also is there any cup similar to the keeper moon cup with a larger capacity?