September 5th, 2013

  • montasm

low cervix help?!

It's my 2nd day of using my sckoon large cup and I've determined have a really low cervix and the problem is that oy way I can seem to wear my cup without leaking is to have the basse sick out about a 1/2in out of my vagina which isn't very comfortable....also my cervix seems to be towards the right... I've tried a few diff folds origami seems to work best...
  • squisch

Vagina don't like cups?

Sooo, I've been trying a ladycup for two periods now. Originally I was thrilled, I had no problems putting it in or taking it out, and generally it seemed to be working great. Buut, now I seem to be having some problems anyway.


1. On the 4th day of my second period I suddenly started having problems getting it placed properly. I kinda couldn't get it far enough in, I could feel the tip of it all day. Does that mean I should get a smaller size? I thought it was odd, since it worked fine the other days...

2. Some days I find it hard to pee with the cup in. It is almost like it is pushing on my bladder or urethra (is that even possible?). Is this something I just have to get used to, or is my cup to big?

3. A couple of days after my first period with a cup I got some kind of cottage cheese discharge. I have never had a yeast infection, but I'm guessing that is what it was. I didn't have any itching or swelling, and it went away after a few days, so I didn't do anything about it. Is this something I can expect to happen regularly, or is it just my vagina getting used to using a cup?

4. On my second period, when I emptied my cup late in the day, the goo suddenly had a horrible sour smell. Almost like stomach acid. The cup had only been in for 4-5 hrs so it wasn't that. I have never smelled that smell ever coming from down there. What's that all about? My cup seemed to survive it fine, but it made me a bit nervous...

I have never been big on tampons, I've always used pads. So I'm not sure if these last two problems are normal problems connected to leaving things in there, or if they are in fact signs that I should not be using a cup.
All answers will be appreciated!