September 4th, 2013

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Second month on Meluna XL Classic. This time I got to go through my whole period instead of the end of it. As I've said previously, I have a small fibroid that causes heavy bleeding and clotting. And pads were giving me a rash, so that's why I turn the Meluna.

Anywayyyyyyyyy, :D it seems that I had no cramps for this period at all! I was given high dose ibuprofen to take since I complained to my gyn about my cramps, but I haven't had to take even one pill from my prescription. The bottle is just sitting there.

I also notice I'm bleeding lighter. It leads me to believe the chemicals in my pad may have been causing part of the issue. So I had one big clot in my cup one day, but otherwise the cup was only getting maybe half full for the most.

Another thing is, I've come to realize that on days I have spotting, sometimes the cup does feel too big. I'm spotting today and I'm okay. I had noticed maybe a few weeks back there was maybe only one day it felt too big, so I'm thinking maybe I go one size smaller for those particular days? Or maybe I go stylish with a completely different brand?
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Different cup needed for different activity days?

I've been a happy L Diva cup user for about a year now (42 yo, with two kids.)  My normal day-job has me sitting at a computer all day, and I've had zero issues with cup usage, etc.  This past weekend, my period was due to begin, and it was also the first weekend of a 7-week festival I work at - which meant that I was on my feet all day, walking all day (as in, 11 hours of up and walking) and I discovered that my Diva, which normally is happily nestled in place without issue, REALLY wanted to slide down and come out to say hello.  At one point, I went to use the restroom and the entire cup (minus the rim) was sticking out.  I've not normally had an issue with muscle tone (can hold in ben-wa balls without issue), so while that might be the issue, it seems less likely...maybe the issue is just that being up and walking all day, pelvic muscles just get really relaxed?

My period didn't actually start over the weekend as expected, and I noticed that my cervix was SUPER low (far lower than I'd ever noticed before), so I finally gave up on wearing the cup and just rolled with the cloth pad I had on as backup and hoped that I'd wait to start until the weekend was over. (Which it did, whew.)

Suggestions?  Is a shorter (but still wide) cup the answer for these up-and-walking days?  Has anyone else experienced something similar based on different activity levels and cup behavior?

Thanks for any insight you can give!

Editing to add:  I'm in the US, so does this mean the Fleurcup is off the list of possibilities?  Based on comparison photos, that one seemed to be the next one I'd try.

Dr. Bronners baby mild to wash my Lunette

I have a blue Lunette Selene I believe had it for a while, perhaps 3-4 years and I faithfully been using Lunette Wash for it until I decided i couldn't afford it. Since I'm on a budget now, I bought two 32oz bottles of Dr. Bronners Baby Mild soap specifically for washing my cup. How would you suggest I wash it, should I water it down by adding few drops of soap with water? I did read its highly concentrated or could i just pour a drop of soap right into the cup and lather and rinse very well.

Getting a bit sore down there o.0

So far I'm seriously happy with my Diva Cup. No leaks, it's super comfortable... and for the first time in my life I actually forgot it was only day 2 and not day 5 LOL. However, my main issue atm is the pain I'm getting when I take it out and reinsert.

It's been a few days since I got my period and started using it, and removal's been okay, but I still have issues getting my fingers in there to grab the thing. For some reason my perianal region seems to be super sensitive, so while sticking my thumb down the front wall of the vag is perfectly okay for me (ie how I've been breaking the suction... instead of my index finger I'm using my thumb), I can't grasp the other side so easily to get a grip on the base. I'd try it from either side instead of the back and front, but that kinda hurts too... I feel like I'm more able to stretch front to back than side to side.

As a result, removal's been a bit of a pain and my perianal region is super irritated... on insertion, I feel a slight pain around the opening (nothing too serious though) and a little pain on the inside (probably from the suction and trying to push the thing as far down as possible to grab it without irritating the back wall of my vag.

Is there anything I can do to ease this process and prevent the pain and irritation?

Also I have a slight fear of damaging something should I accidentally knock the cup against my cervix or pull too hard when the suction isn't broken... Can any of that actually happen, or do you know?

PS. As a side note, is it normal for it to change the pressure level when you pee, so instead of a strong stream it's a little weaker? I've noticed this happening from time to time when I use the cup.