September 1st, 2013

Blood while peeing... but otherwise no leakage (other than residual blood) and some other problems

Joined livejournal just for this community!
I've googled my concerns and used the search bar for this community but couldn't find much (anything). But if this question has already been asked and answered please direct me to that post.

My problem is pretty straight forward, the subject line describes it all really. Is my cup not placed right? How come it doesn't leak when.. you know.. I'm not peeing?

I have a small Divacup with 3/4 of the stem cut off. I just turned 18 (about to start university- and a virgin chyeaa!), and even though I've had my cup for about a year now, insertion/removal was so painful that I put off practicing until my last period before moving into a dorm :(

I actually didn't get over the pain. Especially when I'm removing the cup, I just can't seem to take the dang thing out without torturing what this community calls (I'm very unfamiliar with my anatomy.. not that I know more about guys') the pelvic bone(?) area or without folding the cup so severely that the cup overflows all over my fingers. Even folding it this way causes a great deal of pain.
Now I just suck it up like a strong, independent woman (like my grandma who survived two wars in a rice wine factory with like five siblings). But if you guys are interested in stopping this injustice against my vjj, please give me some advice.
Oh and the suction thing I've got down. I know suction pain, and the pain I'm experiencing is not suction pain. It's definitely stretching pain.
These days though, I just break the suction (maybe the suction's not "strong" enough? I just grab the base in the process of taking the cup out and I don't feel any suction pain), and pull with minimal folding. Yes, this is painful but I really want to practice clean, less overflowy removal for college life.

This is less of a problem.. but I often pinch myself against the cup when I reach up to remove it. Thoughts?

Also, is it possible that the Diva is too long for me? I can often feel the thinner base of the cup sliding about when I sit, bike, pee etc.. I'm wondering how the Meluna compares to the Diva. I bought my diva for like 35 bucks at Whole Foods and seeing the Meluna for like 1/3 the price, I'm like DANG!

Another observation I've made is that it's harder to pee with my cup in but this is more of a minor problem.. for now. Hoping this won't lead to UTIs.

Smeeeell?! :(

I have literally been looking EVERYWHERE for an answer to this, and I haven't found much. It makes me feel like I'm the only one with this problem. Haha! My cup has the most disgusting smell I have ever smelled on it. I've been using it for...2 years or so, but only recently has the smell gotten quite this bad. Some people have said to try hydrogen peroxide, but they usually just say for staining, not odour. Some say peroxide ruins silicone? I've also heard baking soda but I'm not sure if that's for odour either. Boiling it really does not help even a bit. I have tried sunlight. I don't have a clue what to do. I actually gag every time I remove my cup because it smells so bad, and I try to wash it really well but that doesn't change anything either. Has anyone else had the smell issue? I can't live with it anymore :/ Thank you so much if you have an answer! :) I have lots of time to try stuff before I need it again so we're good there!

Some people have even said that "are you sure it's not your vagina, and not your cup?" Yes, I am very sure it's not me. How can a cup NOT smell after 2 years in and out of a vagina, really?! LOL! ;) There HAS to be something I can do about it!...