August 27th, 2013

Newbie - should I stick with this cup or try another?

So I've been reading through this for hours.  Lots of information and so many different cups.

I decided to try a menstrual cup a few weeks ago for several reasons.  But as many newbies, I'm having a struggle.

First some, if too much, information on me:  I'm 33 and a non-virgin.  With that said, I'm a lesbian and haven't been with a man in 12-13 years.  I also don't use toys for sex.  I'm mentioning this because I'm very small.  If I'm not in the full forces of being on my period, inserting a tampon is very difficult.  I also have to use an applicator as it's smoother and goes in easier.  I'd use teen tampons if they made them in the brand I use.  Over the last year or so, I've been experiencing pain when inserting tampons.  I feel like my insides are being torn apart.  In fact, my last pap, took 3 doctors to get.  Granted, the first two were GP's.  They were extremely painful and they never got a proper swab.  They finally referred me to a Gyno, who didn't seem to have much of an issue.  This is really what provoked the thought of using a cup as it has no rough edges at all.  But I was concerned with the size and being able to insert it.  Again, two fingers even is a bit much for me.  I can do it, but sometimes it's more difficult than others.

So, I did a little research before purchasing, but probably could have done more.  I went with the MCUK in the small size.  I have very light periods so capacity isn't an issue.  I had heard this opened easy enough and was weary of the "slapping" experience that my friend speaks of.  She won't go near her cup anymore.  So I tried inserting it as a dry run, but honestly, that simply won't happen unless I get lubricant or do it whilst aroused, which would be awkward.  Today I started my period though and gave it a shot.  I had already tried several times, so I already found a fold that would most likely work (the smallest fold I could manage).  Since I'm unable to insert the cup with two fingers at once combined with the cup size, I kind of had to coax it up.  As you know, the MCUK has quite a stem on it. I didn't cut it because I didn't want to cut it too short.  But at this point, it's sticking out quite a bit.  It's not overly comfortable.  I can't tell if it's just due to the stem, or if it's more than that.  I also don't have the means to cut it right now as I'm in a hotel traveling.  But I'm not sure if I've inserted it far enough.  It feels like it's fully open, but I can't imagine it's in far enough?  I don't know how to tell.  Apart from that, it is also making me feel as though I have to pee and I know I don't.

It was also painful getting it to open up.  Like it felt like the rim was digging into me.  I don't know if I should keep trying with this cup or go for a softer cup?  Maybe a shorter cup?  Or maybe I'm just not getting it in far enough?

Do I need a bigger cup?

I've been scouring old posts, but I can't seem to find an answer to this question... I think I might need a bigger cup, but I don't want to purchase one if that's not the reason I'm having this issue. I feel dumb asking... but I just want to be sure.

I have a MeLuna Classic size Large. I have three kids, a pretty average flow (relatively heavy first couple days, steady for a couple more days, then pretty light for the last few days), and a very low cervix. I've only used it one cycle, so I'm not sure if this is because I'm still learning or not, but my issue is this:

It slips down and it leaks a little bit.

I insert it as high as I can (admittedly, not all that high because I'm 'short'), but when I next go to the bathroom it is sitting pretty much as low as it can be without sticking out. The MeLuna I have has the ball on the end. It's NOT uncomfortable though. And it leaks just enough that I need to wear a pantiliner every day... similar amount to the last couple days of my period when just using pads. There is plenty of flow caught in the cup, but more leaking than I think there 'should' be. Enough too that I don't want to go to the beach for a couple hours because, without backup, I'd end up embarrassed. It leaks even more at night - enough that I wore a regular pad for the first couple nights.

I'm just a bit afraid that if I buy the X-large, it will add in circumference, but also in length. If it's possible that my body just wants to cup to sit low, any more length and it may be too long and end up sticking out or hurting. Also, when I remove the cup, it's "oval" shaped... is that normal? Will that matter at all if I do end up getting a larger cup?

Does this sound like I've figured out what is causing the problem... or do I just need more practice? I'm totally comfortable inserting it and turning it and everything. I'm pretty much positive that it is opening all the way (if I use the punch-down fold, I can hear or feel it open up). I also find that when I grab onto it, I don't even bother with the ball stem and just pinch the bottom of the cup... but I heard that that method was for experienced users only... but there's no reason I shouldn't just try a cup without a stem right off the bat, right?

Sorry... this is a lot of questions... but THANK YOU to anyone who can help!!
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Wooo new cup!

I've posted before about needing a larger capacity cup than my medium Meluna, and I ended up buying a large Fleurcup. My period is just starting, and I'm super excited to get to try it out!

It's very different to insert than my Meluna. I'm used to using a diamond fold and coaxing my cup open, but the Fleur seems to want to pop open entirely of its own volition, and a punchdown fold seems to be working for me. At first it felt pretty big, but I felt that way about the Meluna when I first got it and now that seems normal, so I'm sure this will too soon enough.

I'm off to bed, so I'll get to see in the morning if it's going to last me through the night better than my smaller cup has the last few months.