August 23rd, 2013

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For those who are interested in seeing one, there is a circa-1970 Tassaway on ebay -- ending in two days. The seller put up a good close-up photo of it.

The Tassaway was the "disposable" version of the Tassette.  But users quickly figured out that Tassaways were just as sturdy as the Tassette and reused them for years.

Edited for (hopefully) better link.  Yay, I think I finally fixed it.  Should work now.

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Whats in my cup?

Hi! I've been coming to this community on and off for a few years and am now finally posting! I'm wondering about the "layers" in my cup.

Backstory: I had been using a divacup and stopped for a while to switch to reusable cloth pads+instead cups because they are less painful for me to insert. I just tried out the the femmycycle cup today, which I loved! I always leaked with the divacup but not this one, plus the ring makes it easy to remove-none spilled when I took it out!

My question is this: when I pulled it out, on top of the dark scarlet blood there was a clear/light red liquid. I remember having a little of this on top with the divacup when I pulled it out perfectly (but the blood always got all over or immediately dumped out when I removed it so it was hard to tell). I was brave enough to show my fiance who thought it was for sure urine, but I don't see how that could be anatomically possible. Is it plasma? Does anyone else notice layers in their blood?