August 20th, 2013

Diva cup pain/discomfort - Meluna Maybe?

Alright, so I got a Diva cup a couple weeks ago and tested it out a bit before my period actually started. I had no problems inserting it or taking it out once I figured out how. But when I did a 'dry run' I had a really bad achy pain/discomfort in my lower abdomen and I honestly think I could feel the ring of the cup all the way around. It was highly uncomfortable. I originally thought that perhaps this was due to the fact that it was a dry run and my body just wasn't used to having it up there, but once my period started and I tested it out a couple more times I think I can now safely say that the Diva size 1 just is not working out. It not only causes the pain but after I take it out I am left with a dull discomfort because of it.

So now I am on the hunt for a new cup, I am looking long and hard at the Meluna Small, Medium, or perhaps the Mini in soft. But I am honestly not sure what would work best with my body length wise (I found that the Diva was a bit long and if I had tried to use it on the heaviest day of my period it would have stuck out about a half an inch from the base of the cup -not the stem, the base-). I checked on my heaviest day and my uterus was sitting between 1 and 2 inches up, I think it was close to 1 3/4. Do you guys have any advice about if I should get a shorter cup so I can accommodate for the stem (I liked the stem on the Diva, it really didn't bother me and was very useful) or just go ahead and get a longer one and not worry to much about the stem?

Also, would it be better to order from the Meluna site (Germany) or the one based in Canada (which from what I understand still ships from Germany). Also, if I ship from Germany has anyone ever used the Express Delivery shipping option to get it to the US? (In TN). If so, does it ship any quicker than the 1 to 3 weeks I have seen mentioned on the forum? Is it worth the extra Money? I am leaving the country in less than a week and would love to be able to try and get it before I go, though I am doubtful that this is possible (I could get it shipped to me by a friend if it comes after I leave, or attempt to have it shipped to my new location).

If my question has already been answered somewhere I am truly sorry. I have searched the forums and have turned up empty handed.

Thank you :)

Thanks to this wonderful community I found my goldilocks cup! After posting in her about a month ago, I purchased a large Fleurcup (red, very cool!) and a green Naturalmama cup. My parcel arrived with impeccable timing on day 1 of my period and I started experimenting. I looooove the Fleurcup and found trouble shooting any issues that came up so much easier with the knowledge I've gained from reading on here. I liked the Fleurcup so much I didn't really try out the Naturalmama cup, but know it's there if I need it I guess.

Thanks again.

First time struggles with MeLuna

I recently bought two MeLunas (Medium Classics, one Regular with stem and one Mini with ring) and I'm having some issues. When I tried a dry run, I had A LOT of issues inserting, removing, and with cramps. I've noticed it's a lot easier to insert now that I'm menstruating, but I'm still having some issues:

  • I can't get the cup out without a string. I can't grip it well enough or break the seal. It gets pretty far in there where I can just reach it, but it takes me almost half an hour to get it down far enough and to pull it out (almost ripping my nails off in the process). I'm only using the mini for right now since it has a ring and I can pull it out with a string. I tore something during my last dry run because it really didn't want to come out.

  • I think it might be leaking. My period is really heavy right now so I'm not sure.

  • Either way, it's not opening to a circle. It's kinda oval shaped, from what I can tell. I think this is normal, but I'm not sure. I figured it was worth mentioning. I haven't noticed a pop or anything to tell me it's definitely open.

  • It's giving me horrible cramps. I don't even usually have noticeable cramps. They're almost unbearable, and some of them almost make me cry out in pain.

Could my cups be too big for me? I'm 20 years old, not a virgin, not abnormally active, and apparently have a high cervix because I've only ever found it once waaaay in there, lol. I have to be doing something wrong. I'm determined to figure this out though:) Any help is greatly appreciated!