August 17th, 2013

Difficulty with Keeper Moon Cup

First of all, I want to say that this community has been extremely helpful with my first time using a cup! I was having pain with insertion and after reading many posts found that I simply needed to relax. It became so much easier after that. I was unknowingly tensing my muscles, especially my legs. So if it's your first time, really focus on calming down!

Though I have searched, I could not find close enough answers to my first-time questions, so here goes:(and sorry about the length, but I am trying to be as descriptive as possible!)
I am 18 years old and have only used my cup once so far. (It came in the mail at the end of my period, sadly) I got the Keeper Moon Cup. As I said before, inserting was difficult at first but once I got it in I could not even feel it except for a tiny bit of the stem poking out, which I plan to cut off after my next cycle. (Also, I placed the cup really low, but it naturally moved all that way up on its own within a couple minutes) I gave the stem a tug and knew it was not going anywhere. Also, the sides felt like they were inflated with air, so I assumed it was working.
My problems started about 10 minutes after I got it in, when I was watching tv. It was like it was a strong suction pulling my insides towards it. It was okay at first, but when I went to recline on the chair, it made a squelch and suddenly the suction became so strong I had to go relieve it. I knew the Moon Cup had a large rim so I was prepared to reach up there - and with bearing down I was able to get it to a reasonable distance. After letting some air in, it felt a little better, but I still wanted it out. I could not fold it at all, just barely hold the rim down to break the seal, resulting in a very painful removal. But, it had definitely done its job and collected stuff. I will say that I used coconut oil for lube, maybe I used too much and it was moving around? I read that I should widen the holes, so I filled the cup with water and droplets only leaked out of two of the holes. Are the rest too small? I haven't touched them yet in case they're not the problem.
At this point my problem is really that suction-y feeling. I know I'll just have to get used to removal and maybe work on softening the rim a little over time. I'd really like to keep this cup because of the great seal (I do outdoor activities and lots of horseback riding) but would appreciate any help with the pain the seal was causing when I wasn't even doing anything!
Thanks in advance.

Back for More (Purchasing Help!!)

Hello lovely community!

I've been lurking on and off this community for just about a year now, and loving every second of my cup! However, it's time to move on to a bigger (literally) and better (hopefully) cup!

I guess I should start with the basics. When I first came here searching for a cup about a year ago, I was recommended a Small LadyCup, since I was a petite beginner. I ordered it and it only took me a few months to get over the learning curve. Now I've got zero problem with insertion and removal, everything about it is a snap! The problem? It's just to small for my heavy days! Now that I have the hang of cups and have mastered the techniques with the help of you all, I'm fairly certain it's time to find my permanent cup for my period.

I'm 18 years old, and I'm headed to college in just a few days. I'm 5'8", 135 pounds, and fairly long and skinny. And no, no children, and I am a virgin, though after learning with the LadyCup I'm far more confident in my abilities to use a cup now. It's already been determined that a Diva is not the way to go, they are just to long and shift and cause leakage that I just haven't had with my LadyCup (besides overflows, but thats not the cups fault). I did have to trim the LadyCup stem a tiny bit for it to be comfortable, and I'd say my cervix comes down on the first day or so and then moves up, but still not enough to accommodate a Diva. I'm sure I'll still use my LadyCup on my lighter days at the end, but for the first 2 or 3, I just need something with more capacity.

I'm also very active, I'm an EMT working crazy hours, and I'm a competitive horseback rider and have been doing so for  years and years. So stiffness is not really the concern I have because my pelvic floor muscles are so strong as they'll get!

I'm hoping some of you will have some recommendations for me! Really my big thing is I think I just need something with more capacity but not the length. I just don't know where to start with my search! And of course, I value the opinion of you all. You helped me last year and I have no doubt you will help me pick the perfect cup!

Discomfort wearing a cup

This is my first cycle wearing a cup. I'm 17 and a virgin. I have a small mini soft meluna cup. The first two days where great, with no discomfort, but after a couple days I started to feel a cramping feeling. It's not very bad but definitely there. I notice it more when the cup sits higher up, and goes away when it's lower. It also lessens when I move around. Do you think it's pushing against the pelvic bone and that's what's causing it?

I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions for this problem. Thanks for your input!

Replacement for the Diva Cup

I bought the small diva cup a few years ago because I didn't know there were any other brands. It is too long for me. I inserted it last month inside out and this was perfect. My flow is pretty heavy the first few days of my period and I tend to leak some with this cup. I would like to try something that might not leak as much. I would love any suggestions as I get overwhelmed with all that is out there.

Also, I don't have kids, but would like to someday soon. Would you recommend waiting til after childbirth to get something different or will I be able to use the same one? Thanks!
gigi cup

Community reminder

Hello, cup users and potential cup users! I just wanted to offer a general, gentle reminder to everyone to please not use gendered language in your posts. It has become increasingly frequent over the past month or so. scien explains why we ask you to do this right here. Thanks so much!