August 16th, 2013

Pain with M MeLuna

Hey guys!

I am 20 years old, stopped being sexually active approx. 2 months ago after a breakup, suffer from pain during the insertion of literally anything, and I first posted on this site a little over a year ago. I left after being harassed by someone and after failing for two cycles to even get a cup to open, but I'm back and have been a little more successful today! However, I have questions.
I own a Diva Cup (small) and two of the "original"/old style Meluna (small and medium, classic stiffness).
If I read correctly, their original style is now called Mini, and they changed their cup shape for their standards...? Please clarify if I'm incorrect.
My cervix seems to be very low, and I have difficulties with tampons. They leak literally within 20 minutes of insertion, despite being correctly inserted, and only generally only absorb blood at the very tip and the very bottom, sometimes along one side as well. Because of this, I was hoping to use a cup and NOT leak, as birth control has made my period much heavier (but also much shorter).

I previously had problems with the Diva, as it was too long, and then bought the two Melunas, which I couldn't get to open. Today, however, I am home for a menstrual cycle in the first time for a year and decided to try the cups again. Surprise, they worked! I have not leaked at all today, except for some slight residual,  but the stems caused me pain for all three cups. I kept switching between them, but no matter how long the cup was, the entire stem stuck out of each cup, and the bottom of the cup sat just above my labia. I sucked up my fear and cut the stems off, which has made the Diva painfree, if not for a slight irritation at my inner labia, but the Medium Meluna is a monster! The entire time I was wearing it (~3 hours) I suffered from intense cramping, plus a sharp pain where the stem (the ring-style) was rubbing. I removed the stem after removal, but was too afraid to try it out, and instead chose to attempt the Diva for my first sleeping run.

Can anyone explain to me what the issue is...? Is it because the Meluna is too wide? Or is it because of its thick rim? The small Meluna does not cause the same pain. Maybe the cup is too firm? Again, the small Meluna doesn't do this.

Also, because my cycle is so heavy for two days, I think I would need to change my cup every 3 hours or so, much like I need to change BOTH a pad and tampon every 2 to 3 hours. Judging from tonight, this would literally rip me apart. Is there any cup with a larger volume that isn't as long as the Diva? I had been looking into get a Lunette, but I don't know anymore...

I seem to have conquered my previous issue of opening, though the cup does not feel open when I test with a finger. Does this mean my muscles are too strong for the cup?

edit// Diva cup leaked sometime between 10 or 11pm and 2am, halfway full. Normal or am I being too picky about capacity? I'm tired of going to the bathroom every 4 hours to change myself. My cycle was never this bad before I turned 20. ):

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Meluna small disappeared way up high! Advice for longer cup, please


I used my meluna for the first time today, insertion went pretty well for first try, and comfort=bliss! I checked seal after an hour and bottom of cup had already disappeared, I guess a good centimetre above vagina entrance - could only just get my finger on ball.

So, I have eventually managed to get it out - bit of a yank job rather than the "pinch to release"...

Am I right in thinking the small is too short for me? Any advice on how much longer it needs to be? I bought a medium meluna with ball at the same time in a starter pack - is it likely that will be long enough? I haven't opened the packet yet, so that's why I'm asking for advice. Or shall I just go for the fleurcup with it's long stem, though it has 1mm shorter body than meluna medium?

I don't think going a lot wider than 40mm or so will work for me, so I think those two seem the best choices.

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I posted earlier this week out of surprise and curiosity, as my cervix decided after always moving up during my cycle it was going to move down. My Diva Cup, which usually sat so high the stem was intact and completely internal, was poking out one morning. I switched over to my Natural Mamma, where the cup is *just* enough shorter that it is internal and the stem hangs out in my pelvic floor muscles. It had its pokey moments, but nothing terrible-I am very hesitant to trim it as I still rely on it for removal (my muscles are obscenely tight even when I'm as relaxed as I can get-can't get more than one finger in at a time).
Things started lightening up, so I switched back over to the Diva today as usual (I didn't need the NM's added width for capacity, narrow is usually easier for me to deal with). The stem is still poking out along with a small portion of the cup. As per another reader's suggestion I turned it inside out to shorten it-at first it was turning upside down, now it's settled properly and completely internal (yay!) BUT it's giving me some strong cramps with a little nausea and I can feel it sitting in there. This gets better when I take it out.
The main problem with all of this is that I'm a marathon runner with 17 miles to complete tomorrow morning as part of training. This will take almost 3 hours, so going with nothing is not an option nor is going with a pad (tried that and got blisters, cloth or disposable doesn't make a difference). I am scared to death that the stem is going to shred me if it's sticking out, but running with intense cramps and nauseated isn't an option, either. My main points:
1. The stem is still super important to removal (getting the inside out narrow Diva cup out is a battle)-would a trimmed cup be equal to an inside out one in terms of difficulty?
2. The Natural Mamma's stem is equally pokey, and larger, so switching cups isn't going to help me tomorrow. Turning the Natural Mamma inside out might make removal a nightmare, since it is wider than my entrance and I rely on the stem and ridges to maneuver it.
3. Why would an inside out, shorter cup cause pain and cramping when having it right side out and too long doesn't? Could it be that the shape of the end of the cup (large and flat) is being forced to reside above my pelvic floor to where the cup is colliding with my cervix? If this is the case, would trimming the stem really help if the body of the cup is still too long?
Why does my cervix have to pick NOW to find new places to hang out...if only it stayed where it normally resides. *sigh*

Weird question about penis size vs menstrual cups?

So im a virgin and plan to stay that way till marriage, and this might sound kinda stupid but I don't really wanna insert anything bigger than the average penis width(or diameter I guess is more accurate--just how big like around it is)till after im married and having I was just wondering how cups compare to penis size? Like I have a small diva now and I was thinking about maybe trying a large fleurcup and xl meluna but idk about the size of them for this reason(and also I just generally am not quite sure it'll fit, but that isn't too big a concern lol)