August 14th, 2013

Selection Help Please

Thanks for this forum. My head is spinning. Please help me select the right model for my first cup.
I plan to buy two, but hope to buy just two as money is a factor.

Width/Tone: I am 34, have had two children: one 18 months ago and one 18 months before that. The first was big (9#6) and the second was a vaginal breech (but thankfully 2# smaller) I'm done my share of stretching (and tearing). However, I do have a strong pelvic floor, I believe, and I continue to kegel and squat and generally workout.

Length: I have a high cervix mid-cycle, only the tip of my middle finger can touch it when I am squatting. I will need to check again during my flow, but I believe if I remember right, it's pretty high then too. This being teh case, I am a bit nervous about getting anything that might "poke" me. I am very comfortable with my anatomy and am not nervous about being able to remove a cup. And I like the freedom of love-making with my cup in.

Capacity: My flow is usually pretty medium, I only use "super" tampons for a day, then switch to regular. I've never bought the really big tampons, but my most recent period I had a very heavy day where I kept flooding my backup liner (that was unusual). My period has just been back 6-9 months, but the cycles have been pretty regular.

Economy is important to me: both for my wallet and for the earth. So I'd like a cup that will last many years. However, I admit that the non-latex ones all *look* much more appealing. And somehow latex seems like a bad idea with my sensitive skin, though I've never had a latex allergy/problem.

I'd be so grateful for your help! Like I said, my head is spinning. But I'm very excited to get on the bandwagon. I used Instead back 15 years ago or more, but I had no idea what kind of products were out there... or I would have done this sooner! Thank God for facebook! :) Thanks, All.
Hipsta Geisha


I'm thinking about buying the Lunette Model 1 this weekend because I am tired of the inconvenience of pads. My only question is, is it okay to use for those who have a death grip vagina? I'm so small down there (never had penetrative sex) that I haven't been able to use tampons, not even the slender kind. Even going to the gyno is excruciating despite the fact she uses the smallest speculum that is the size of a super plus tampon. So would this be an issue with the cup? If so, is there a way around it. I've already read up on all the techniques to get it in and out. I'm more looking for personal tips and experiences.