August 14th, 2013

Selection Help Please

Thanks for this forum. My head is spinning. Please help me select the right model for my first cup.
I plan to buy two, but hope to buy just two as money is a factor.

Width/Tone: I am 34, have had two children: one 18 months ago and one 18 months before that. The first was big (9#6) and the second was a vaginal breech (but thankfully 2# smaller) I'm done my share of stretching (and tearing). However, I do have a strong pelvic floor, I believe, and I continue to kegel and squat and generally workout.

Length: I have a high cervix mid-cycle, only the tip of my middle finger can touch it when I am squatting. I will need to check again during my flow, but I believe if I remember right, it's pretty high then too. This being teh case, I am a bit nervous about getting anything that might "poke" me. I am very comfortable with my anatomy and am not nervous about being able to remove a cup. And I like the freedom of love-making with my cup in.

Capacity: My flow is usually pretty medium, I only use "super" tampons for a day, then switch to regular. I've never bought the really big tampons, but my most recent period I had a very heavy day where I kept flooding my backup liner (that was unusual). My period has just been back 6-9 months, but the cycles have been pretty regular.

Economy is important to me: both for my wallet and for the earth. So I'd like a cup that will last many years. However, I admit that the non-latex ones all *look* much more appealing. And somehow latex seems like a bad idea with my sensitive skin, though I've never had a latex allergy/problem.

I'd be so grateful for your help! Like I said, my head is spinning. But I'm very excited to get on the bandwagon. I used Instead back 15 years ago or more, but I had no idea what kind of products were out there... or I would have done this sooner! Thank God for facebook! :) Thanks, All.
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Diva leaking at night

I'm having issues w/ my cup at night. (Diva Cup Model 1. Late 20s. No children. Very heavy flow.)

The night the heavy part of my period started, my cup filled and leaked pretty badly by morning. I wore a pad, dealt with the problem and shrugged it off. (6 hours of sleep.)

The next night, my flow was lighter and by morning, I had leaked again. This time, the cup was only 1/3rd full, was in for 6 hours and I had emptied it completely before bed.

Any theories as to why this is happening? I make sure the cup is low to not go past my cervix and that the suction is secure before going to bed. However, I feel that the Diva might be too soft and long for me. Is it possible that the cup can "move" into a more comfortable position? When it's time for me to empty out, the cup moves inwards a little bit and the stem moves off and angles to the left. It's never perfectly centered.

My possible solution: Comparing my experience with the DivaCup 1 so far, I'm opting to try the Fleurcup L or MeLuna L. Both of which are shorter in length, are stiffer and have higher capacity than the DivaCup. I feel that the DivaCup might be shifting too close to my cervix or maybe some liquid is squeezing past the rim.

Notes: I exercised last night. Inverts, squats, abs -- the whole deal and had 0 leaking. When I go to empty the cup, I DO notice that it is a pretty flat oval shape. My muscles just squeeze it that way. I read that I should consider a firmer cup.

How does the firmness compare between a MeLuna Sport L & a Fleur Cup L? I'm on the fence between those two.
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I'm thinking about buying the Lunette Model 1 this weekend because I am tired of the inconvenience of pads. My only question is, is it okay to use for those who have a death grip vagina? I'm so small down there (never had penetrative sex) that I haven't been able to use tampons, not even the slender kind. Even going to the gyno is excruciating despite the fact she uses the smallest speculum that is the size of a super plus tampon. So would this be an issue with the cup? If so, is there a way around it. I've already read up on all the techniques to get it in and out. I'm more looking for personal tips and experiences.