August 13th, 2013

  • rbca03

How often do you have to empty your cup on your heaviest day(s)?

I ask this after a very tiresome night I just had. I use a large fleurcup, and have what I perceive to be a heavy flow (no birth control).  I usually have to get up once during the night for the first 1-2 nights to empty my cup.  Last night, however, (first night) I emptied my cup at 12:00 when I went to bed, then was up at 4:30, 5:30, and 8:00, each time with a more than full cup.  I noticed there being way more clots than usual (literally, the whole cup was one big clot a few times).  I also have a little more cramping than usual (still totally tolerable without pain meds).

Anyway, this post is just more of a curiosity post of how heavy everyone else's flow is, or if you've had an out of the blue franken-period like this one before.  Soo, share away, with what cup you use, maybe if you use bc or not, or whatever else you think is relevant.  :)
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Different cups for different days?

I posted probably around or over a year ago about my small Lunette. I could not find a good placement for it without it making me need to pee OR feel nauseated. Well, I've been using Instead cups for a bit and decided to try the Lunette again. I am on the 4th day of my period now. I found that the Lunette worked fine for the first and second day, when my flow is a bit heavy (also rather clotty). I put it up higher than I have in the past and found that my cervix is a little off-center because the cup angled to the left. The cup seated itself with no difficulty. I wore it at home during the day on Sunday, emptied it a few times, and I was able to sleep with it in, with no discomfort whatsoever. On the 3rd day of my period, my cycle lightens up considerably. I was no longer able to seat the cup comfortably. I had to stop trying because I started getting nauseated & some places in my vaginal canal were irritated from moving the cup around.

Does anyone need to use different cups for different days during their period? Maybe my cervix moves and something smaller or softer would be better for the later days. I use cloth pads when I'm not using the Instead cups, but like to sleep with a cup in so I don't have to worry about leaks (I sleep on my back). I was thinking of getting a Meluna of some kind, something maybe a little smaller than the small Lunette, and softer.

Cloth Pads - Moving around & bunching

Hey all!

I just purchased my set of cloth pads from Pink Lemonade. Minky on top, Fleece on bottom. Snap closure wings.

On the first go, they're so comfortable BUT since I'm new at this, I have a question -- >

1. Any tricks to keeping them in place? Obviously, these don't stick like disposable sticker-back pads do.

I notice that it slides forward or back when I'm sitting or walking or can shift to one side or the other making it uncomfortable in my butt. LOL

I do spot a bit, esp. on heavy days so I enjoy having one there w/ my cup.

Any help would be appreciated!