August 11th, 2013

Pole Dance

First Timer

I want to say thank you to this amazing community and all of its resources! I just made the switch to a cup after long periods of doubt and insecurity and today marks my first day.

After much hemming and hawing, I purchased a DivaCup Model 1. I'm an active pole-dancer and I was advised to try the MeLuna sport so that my muscles wouldn't bear down on the product, but I wasn't sure due to the difficulty I've heard about insertion. I decided to go with a softer cup at first and go from there.

Is there anyone who works out quite a bit? What are your experiences w/ your cup? I read somewhere that a DivaCup is around a level 4 in softness whereas a MeLuna sport can be considered a 7... or something. Would you definitely advise on a harder cup? Knowing myself, I can bear down on things and remove it but I haven't tried to do so on purpose w/ the cup.

Anyway, upon first time use, these things were pretty tricky to get inside. So, I don't want to make it too difficult on myself if I get a harder one.

Eventually, I heard this surprising POP and felt a gentle snap... so I guess the thing unfolded? Checking inside and feeling around, I made sure that the sides were indeed open. And for me, it feels like the cup is very oval, nearly flat shaped, when inside. Is this right?

So for later, what cleaning agents do you use to disinfect/clean your cup? How many do you keep as "spares?" Do you feel the need to have a back-up? Thanks again!!!

Update: Thank you for all the awesome feedback and comments. I think I'll stick to the Diva for now but I do like the idea of keeping one at work just in case. (I have this fear I'll drop the dang thing in the toilet.... Err..)

Anyway, it's been 9 hours and I got curious and took it out with a little effort. Normally, by this time, I'd have gone through a whole tampon and had spotting. With the cup, ZERO spotting or leakage. WOW! My cup wasn't even a 1/4 full. Removal wasn't uncomfortable and the experience was NO WHERE near as messy as I imagined it would have been. I think I've just been traumatized by my experience with pads and tampons for so many years. The cup is AMAZING. Very little clean-up and so.... easy. I'm beyond thrilled and happy that the Diva seems to be a good size for my body.

I did some stretching today and never felt any discomfort. I feel a slight pressure against my bladder, but it's not unbearable.

So, the cup journey continues. Thanks again!

Is my MeLuna defective?

Okay, so I have already posted about how much of a struggle it has been for me to coax the cup "open" post insertion and the prevailing (almost unanimous) response was that this was a case of first time user error. However, I'm on day two of non-dry use and I had my first bit of leakage, so I removed the cup in order to better place it (as I assumed I had done so incorrectly) and even after I fully removed the cup (which I found to still be slightly folded in at the rim) it STILL didn't pop open. Outside of my vagina with nothing compressing it! I had to manual open it up. It's suppose to be in the style classic but it seems INCREDIBLY soft and pliable with very little 'spring' to it. I have a hard time imagining that a softer model actually exists. I'm starting to think I got a softer than normal classic? I also think my cervix may be high. I hadn't a clue how to check so I wasn't sure where I stood in that regard, but when it comes time to remove the cup it's relatively difficult to "reach". I'm just not sure if I ought to try a different cup next time of if I need to give it more time to figure this whole cup thing out.

ridges bother me

I asked this a while ago but I'm going to ask again since I didn't really go into details on what I want. I currently have a Large Lunette cup. I love it but the last time i used it I ran with it in and it chafed me horribly... and gave me a bit of an infection. Now I'm scared to use it again. I would like to buy a new cup WITHOUT any kind of ridges on the bottom. I would also like for it to be soft around the rim if possible because the Lunette pushes on my bladder quite a bit. My problem is I live in Indiana and I woudl only like to purchase from the distributor... so I woudl like to know what some of the brands are that fit my description that are available to ship to Indiana. I like the shecup... but I don't quite understand how to order from directly them. Are there any other brands out there other than Shecup, Si-Belle, Mami, and the old Meluna (which i don't think they have anymore... the new ones have ridges.)that are available in USA and don't have ridges and aren't too firm.