August 10th, 2013

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IUD and Cup tips?

So I have been using my Lunette cup for about 3 periods now, and just got my IUD inserted yesterday. I should be ending my period today, so I will probably not try to use my cup again till next time. I was wondering though if anyone has tips for using my cup with an IUD? I hope the strings will curl before then, but I am afraid of the strings getting in the way of the cup! My original IUD attempt last year failed and had expelled instantly because the doctor yanked on the strings, so I am super paranoid about the IUD expelling again. Any tips would be appreciated greatly! Thanks!
jon snow

Thank you

Just posting to say I'm very happy with my classic Meluna XL purchase. I still haven't gotten the chance to try it on my heavy days because it arrived after that. It has still been a relief to be able to wear the cup and not have to think about it until I remove it. It's great to not feel it at all. I have a tiny, tiny fibroid that gives me the worst periods ever. I think it takes me 4 hours to bleed through an Always Extra Heavy Flow pad(2 hours with a more generic pad), and I've had to join two at a time to make sure the blood doesn't wind up on my butt and lower back. Just bad. I had gotten a rash. It was nice to not have to wear a pad or even underwear until the end of my period. Then there's some spotting I've had due to me not taking my medicine at proper times. Anyway, I've been so much happier since using the cup and I even took it to my gynecologist to mention it to him. He was suggesting I switch to cotton pads before I showed it to him. Who knows, maybe he'll mention it to another sufferer?

Oh and I had no real problem inserting it, though removing it was a bit uncomfortable for a while. The C-fold I used first but near the very end, the punch-down was so much easier. I do notice the cup is getting a bit oval in shape now when I take it out though. I hope that wont pose a problem in the future. I've only had it for about 2 weeks. :)

Thank you all for the info you've posted here in the community. What I've read here and seen on Youtube, plus a few other sites, has really helped me in making my decision to buy it. I'm happy to feel a bit saner with this purchase.
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First Time Using Keeper INC USA Mooncup, Dryness Issue, Advice?

Hello, first of all, nice to meet everyone, it's my first time posting here, my name is Haylee!

I'm on my period right now, and I'm using my cup for the first time. I'm using the Keeper Inc, USA version Mooncup. It's holding everything well, and it's not leaking, which is a huge relief, and I can put it in and take it out, but, I can feel it in there and I feel really dry and chaffed, is this normal, or, is there something I can do about it? I'm wondering if I'm not getting it in high enough. I have short fingers so it comes unfolded easy. When I put it in, the bottom of the cup is right behind my inner labia, is this too low? Any advice would be great, it's working fantastic I just want it to be a bit more comfortable, thanks! :)
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