August 4th, 2013

Learning so much this summer

Hi, Everyone!

I am new to LJ, and just wanted to share my experience, since this site has been so helpful for me (and I am sure, others!) :)

This is very, very long, so I'm going to attempt to use the cut feature (apologies in advance if I can't get it to work right!)

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Thank you to everyone on this site who has shared your experiences, advice and questions--I have found the information on here very valuable! I'm going to add another post soon with information about how I made my homemade pantiliners.

This summer I am learning so much about my body!  :) My husband joked that I was "finally becoming a woman" in reference to all of this stuff about menstruation and products, as well as another epiphany earlier this summer when I discovered this site and learned that I (along with something like 90% of women) was wearing the wrong bra size (that prompted me to want to throw out all of my bras and purchase all new ones; another expensive lesson--I agreed with my husband though that we couldn't really afford that right now, but have since been scouring internet shops for discount or clearance bras in my new size--heehee)!

ETA: I hope I made all the changes correctly.  Thanks!!!