August 3rd, 2013

New to menstral cups.

Hi there, I am new to the concept of a menstral cup and have read a lot of information.

There are a few questions, mainly with removal. What I have heard read so far is you are meant to grab the cup to pull it out. Grabbing to me, means using a whole hand, like grabbing a tennis ball, or using fingers to grab a pen. Given the cup is inside the vagina, I am not entirely sure what is meant by grab to break the seal.

Do you slide one finger inside and along the cup to break the seal? Do you use two fingers to squeeze the bottom of the cup to break to seal?

Is it possible for someone to give quite a descriptive detail on how to remove the cup?

Also I am 37 and have no kids. I also have issues with wearing tampons and pulling them out, which i find to be quite painful, so I am wondering if the smaller cup would be better for me. Tampons seem to push against my cervix and create a dull pain.

Being from Australia I have the main options of the Juju, Lunette and Diva cup I believe. I am leaning more towards the Juju, because i like their commitment to natural first. Only i have read it is really hard to get the seal to break and not ideal for newbies, so the Lunette is my second option.

Any thoughts, ideas and recommendations for a complete newbie are most appreciated.


Decisions decisions

Since lurking on this community for about a year and a half, I think I might get one.

I'm 16 and virgin. I still have my hymen (I think, but I might have torn it while experimenting with size super tampons, whoops) and I can't fit more than a finger in there. But menstrual cups sound sooooooooo much better than pads or tampons (and will save me $$$ per year, always a plus).

I know that I have an average length vagina (~3 inches or so cuz that's how long my finger is). I'm unsure about the position of my cervix, but the last time I checked while I was menstruating, I could reach it with my middle finger. I've used tampons on and off but only when I run, and generally have stuck to pads.

I don't have a heavy flow, so capacity isn't too big of an issue. Average length of period is around 6-7 days.

So far considering the Sckoon cup, Lady Cup, Mooncup UK, or Lunette, but leaning more towards the Sckoon Cup (since it's based in the US).

What do you think? Agree/disagree? All suggestions would be great! :D

EDIT: Narrowed it down to Sckoon and LadyCup. Convinced my parents. All that's left is to decide. Help!

Complete Transition

It has been about a year since I got my first menstrual cup and I am excited to say that I have just bought my second cup(a large Meluna)! I convinced my girlfriend to buy a starter pack of Melunas. I also just bought my first reusable pads from iKarly on Etsy! It has been my mission to make a complete switch to all reusables and I am finally doing it. By this time next year I hope to have a complete stash of pads as well as my awesome cups.
(This post is mainly just because I am really excited.) :D

New to like everything !

Hey guys ! I just purchased a Diva Cup model 1 today. I am on day one of my period, and my periods are usually average. Not to heavy but certainly not light.

I am 15 (nearly 16) and still a virgin.I wouldn't say im extra "tight" but i am pretty tight, the most i can get in there is two fingers. But i dont do that very often. I tried inserting the diva cup today with the punch down fold, i like the punch down fold definitely because it is so easy inserting. I do have a problem with it opening up completely, I put it in and moved my finger around and i could feel that it isnt open completely it was like squished a bit. I thought maybe my vagina was just narrow, so i just let it go. It was comfortable after i got used to it, at first it felt like i always had to pee. That was annoying, and when i did pee it stung my vaginal entrance. Then it got better. I think it's cause of all the irritation and fidgiting i did down there. When i went to take it out, i like flexed and relaxed my muscles to move it down and then i reached in and grabbed the base. And that's when i knew it didnt work, because there was leakage all in my vagina and on my panties, and just a bit of blood inside of the cup. So i need tips on preventing leakage.

SO my main questions are:

1. Tips with the punch down fold on how to get it to open up completely? And please be very descriptive, i'm new to all this lol.

2. How do you remove it without spilling the contents inside?

3. I live in Canada, and I can't find any other brands in the stores except Diva Cup. SO what do i do if this one isn't right for me? and how do i know if it isnt right for me?

4. Will masturbating before insertion help?

5. Will my vagina always be irritated and sore after insertion every time?

Thanks guys, your comments are greatly appreciated !